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Devise your STEPN clone app fabricating the move to earn WEB3.0 applications like STEPN. A leading NFT game development company, Dappsfirm is an organized team of developers with expertise in blockchain technology in bringing to the market the best and most trustworthy interactive apps.

STEPN Clone App

The STEPN clone app is a resembling pattern of the app like STEPN in both functionalities and the same features. Users of the STEPN clone app are motivated to walk, jog or run outside. Users receive game coins as a reward which can be spent to improve and create new shoes. It includes entertaining gaming components, social-fi, and game-fi activities.

What is STEPN?

STEPN is defined as the Web3 lifestyle app that allows users to walk and run to earn rewards in the form of tokens. These apps are built using the Solana blockchain networks. It brings into a common statement that users must have healthier lives by enabling them to enter the Web3 world.
Remarkable Features of STEPN Clone App:

Burn mechanism: STEPN clone app is developed with GST and GMT tokens,this is to bring plenty of users and increase the supply of tokens.

Two token models: In order to increase the fundraising and utility, the STEPN clone app needs to run on a dual token system.

Move to earn rewards: A STEPN system with web3 applications and move to earn rewards can attract many users to the platform along with decentralized wallets.

GameFi elements: Sneakers, game modes, gems and sockets, shoe minting, badges.

How To Generate Revenues From Our STEPN Clone App?

Users can generate revenues by interacting enthusiastically and adopting the STEPN clone app features such as  Solo, Marathon, and background modes. While you will need footwear to start earning and the free trial is provided to new users. If users have STEPN footwear, the earning meter will start filling up while they walk or run. Begin your journey…!!!!!

white label Stepn clone script

A white-label Stepn clone script is a customizable software solution that allows entrepreneurs to create their own move-to-earn app similar to Stepn. This bespoke Stepn clone script is built with Web3 technology and incorporates Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements, making it a comprehensive platform. Dappsfirm provides bespoke software development services, allowing businesses to brand and tailor the app to their specific needs, making it a cost-effective way to enter the Web3 lifestyle, social-fi, and game-fi market. It essentially streamlines the development process, making it easier to launch a Stepn-like application with unique branding and features.

How Does STEPN App Work?

  • Users need to download the STEPN app foremostly.
  • They must sign up for STEPN using their email address. After completing the verification process, users must link their wallets in order to access the stepn coin. 
  • Users must deposit Solana's native SOL token in STEPN in-app wallet.
  • Users can select attributes like quietness, efficiency, and comfort. The GST is the game's utility token with an unlimited supply, while the GMT is the governance token in the stepn ecosystem.

Why Create a Move-To-Earn App Like STEPN App?

A STEPN app can enable the users to grow their business to an advanced level and involves users to take part in various activities like trading, minting etc. Various startups and big ventures can develop and launch their M2E app like STEPN using STEPN clone apps which taking a trend in move-to earn for the users to get engaged in the physical activities with more rewards and thereby getting a numerous number of users to use the platform. Take part in the journey and build your pathway right now.

The development process of our STEPN clone app:

The STEPN clone app can be created based on your customization in 2 ways: From scratch and white label solutions. You can enter into the Web3.0 world with all amenities of the STEPN clone app by adopting white label solutions which can be created within a short period of time and at a low cost. While developing from scratch, our team can guide you from the beginning. The development process is performed to your preference.

Why Choose Dappsfirm for STEPN clone app development?

Dappsfirm is the best competitive and goal-oriented blockchain game development company in the market, providing the best solutions for the STEPN clone app development. With a group of skilled developers in both the front end and back end, we can offer you cost-effective services. Our specialty mainly relies on:

  • Top-notch blockchain-based services
  • Accurate solution provider
  • 10+ years experienced as blockchain developers
  • On-time delivery
  • 50+ blockchain projected rendered
  • 200+ Satisfied customers
  • Agile technologies implemented
  • Service-oriented firm
  • Attractive UI/UX designs. 

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