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Being in a competitive world, representing ourselves as a unique medium among our competitors is an essential thing these days. Stay tall by building and launching an innovative Defi and NFT fight game like Polkawar. Dappsfirm is the top experienced Polkawar clone script development company with the best blockchain-based NFT game developers. Our motto relies on equal growth, guiding our clients to be successful in building their dream projects and witness tremendous growth.

POLKAWAR GAME- “The Far-reaching game in the latest Era” : 

Are you a gamer person and looking ahead for interesting games? Here is the best option to choose. It’s none other than the Polkawar games which is a blockchain-based fighting game allowing you to battle with your opponents. Polkawar also has a marketplace where players can sell their items, weapons, and upgraded equipment for crypto. Some of these items can be even redeemed for real-world replicas.

Polkawar Clone Script

When thinking about discovering what a Polkawar clone script is? And its functionalities, We can easily grasp the ideas hidden behind it. These scripts are the highly coded decentralized NFT gaming scripts enclosing the marketplace itself, which are more interactive, creating an engaged ecosystem for game lovers. And surprisingly this reliable platform serves as the common location for promoting NFT, Defi, and gaming. Our developers can design and manipulate the characters involved in this game with extra features like weapons, wearables etc. We would gladly give a statement that this platform may amuse the players with its salient functionalities. Create yours..!!!

Interesting Fact about Polkawar Game:

The Total supply is $90 M with the marketplace mainnet and the trading volume of nearly 170 K USD. That’s really the higher rates. This gaming platform is going to be the most explored and larger revenue-generating game in the near future.


Basically, when designing a gaming platform, we require a marketplace, which is the most essential one. This Polkawar NFT marketplace serves as the intricate spot for the players to buy, sell and bid on the equipment for their character. The players can acquire funds by selling their upgraded equipment in the native PWR token. Unlike other NFT Marketplaces, Polkawar NFT marketplace does not allow players to create their own NFTs but requires them to collect and trade.

We at Dappsfirm encompass the world’s best and most skilled developers who have already been a master in the NFT marketplaces development and launch without any hassles.We can 100% guarantee you in sketching and delivering the Polkawar NFT marketplace clone at its best.


The Important features that are included in our Polkawar clone script is listed below:

  • Staking
  • NFT marketplace
  • Logistics
  • NFT gaming
  • NFT storage
  • NFT wallet

Aspiring Characters of our Polkawar game clone script:

MAGICIAN: The magician is the character who has mysterious magic,supernatural tricks and inherits the power of evil darkness.Weapons: Uses both magic vase and sceptre.

WARRIOR: The Warrior is the character with high strength and the most powerful one in polkawar. Weapons: Sword, Big knife, Tessen.

ARCHER: The archer is a character with fast attack speed and angelic beauty. Weapons: bow, arrow, and Gun.

Essential gaming items in our Polkawar game clone script:

  • GUN
  • BOW and ARROW
  • WING


PWAR is the native token used in the PolkaWar blockchain-based NFT game realm. The tokens are used for the following features: 

1. Farming reward: Liquidity providers will be able to earn more profit by locking LP tokens. 

2. Staking reward: Users can stake PWAR tokens to earn more tokens and gems to level up equipment.

3. Marketplace fee: They are used to pay for goods and services in the NFT marketplace. For instance: if you want to sell your NFT on PolkaWar marketplace, you must pay a small amount of PWAR tokens as a fee and they will be burnt for ecosystem development. 

4. Renting fee: An NFT renting platform is expected to be built for PolkaWar Realm users. This will allow users the ability to lease their own characters to others for battle and receive the fees in exchange if they aren't playing the game actively themselves. 

5. Governance: Token holders can participate in the decentralized governance process that decides on the use of revenues, game development, and growth.

 6. Play to earn: Users can earn PWAR tokens by participating in game battles

 7. Purchase Game Items: PWAR can be used to purchase in-game weapons, and equipment and exchange NFTs to physical items.


Polkawar Clone script is the absolute replica of Polkawar and has the same functions, and features. In the war game, users can create their own gaming character, pick up their weapon and participate in the war game either as a single person or as a team. The users of this platform have multiple choices to earn rewards from the platform.The user can stake their own NFTs and get income.

Create an NFT Gaming Platform Like Polkawar

Our main focus in NFT gaming platform development would be the delivery of highly definitive platforms with trustworthy solutions. Probably our white label solutions enact as the fittest option in the development of Polkawar games. Our development process for this platform includes:

We gather the requirements with full analysis and act accordingly to establish the platform with customization.

On the further proceeding, the Dapp floor is deployed with the usage of the advanced tools.

  • Graphic designing would be the main part of the developmental process and it is carried out effectively by our skilled team.
  • Characters of the game are created along with governance token development on the next step.
  • Then, the mintable NFT marketplace and admin panel is developed for fine operations and finally launched.

Why Dappsfirm For Polkawar Clone Script Development?

We are the topmost blockchain-based NFT game development company assisting you in implementing the NFT game platform with cutting-edge solutions. We value our customers' needs as the most vital thing and work ahead to make your business prosper with all your expected amenities come into existence. Talk to our experts.!

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