Axie Infinity Clone Script

A Metaverse NFT Game Clone Script

Axie infinity clone script is an NFT-based P2E game website script showcasing the pet games which is ready-made enabling you to create an NFT gaming platform like axie infinity. Well-known for its specialties such as allowing users to trade, play, battle, and breed, Axie Infinity is furnished on the Ethereum blockchain guaranteeing high reliability.

We have developed our Axie Infinity clone script with advanced features unified carefully along with a well-designed UI to provide a hassle-free experience to your users.

The Best & Bug-Free Axie Infinity Clone In The Market

Currently, increasing NFT games rapidly has changed the scene of the gaming industry. Now people start to believe & interested to enter in play-to-earn gaming projects. Now online gaming concept has been changed, taking people from traditional to NFT. There is a customized & ready-made solution available in the present market that is enough to fulfill users' basic gaming needs.

Whether users require a reward, safety investment or realistic 3D virtual experience; every need is fulfilled today via the Axie Infinity clone script, equipped with cutting-edge blockchain technology and a very user-friendly interface. One of the great news is that company is looking to kick-start a P2E blockchain-based NFT gaming platform that can grip Axie Infinity clone script development to make their solution for your gaming business.

Benefits Of Our Premium Axie Infinity Clone Script:


The best vital feature of the Axie infinity clone script is that it gives the users an opportunity to participate in battle or fight against the competitor. By battling, the user can receive exciting winner benefits.


The Land’s functionality refers to the utility of the game’s components. Each plot of the land serves as the protection of the Axies and can be tokenized for purchasing more lands in the Axie infinity field.

Axie Breeding

In case if the users wanted to upgrade their pets, axie breeding method is adopted. Through this breeding process, the new pets with special genetic characteristics are created to involve in the battle against the opponent.


AXS known as Axie Infinity Shards refers to owning the governance control. If the users have governance they can create proposals for the platform improvements. The extra highlighted features for transactions can be added.


Exchange can take place through this marketplace for trading and purchasing purposes. Mainly, NFTs are traded. In-game add-ons like weapons, accessories, and pets can be used to create NFTs.

Small love portion

ERC20 token used for breeding new Axies is called the small love portion. As all of us know, by breeding we can leverage additional benefits to the users even if they are not part of axie governance.

Custom Axie Infinity clone software development company

Dappsfirm is a leading axie infinity clone software development company with 8+ years of experience providing top-rated NFT game development services leveraging years of experience, multi-domain expertise, a team of skilled blockchain professionals, and a dedicated working process. We create and transform your new vision into the high-impact websites of tomorrow.

What Are Axies?

Axies are the fascinating pet creations that can battle, build, and haunt for rewards. These are the key parts resembling the collectibles in the axie infinity field. They have 6 body parts and 4 stats. Body parts will unlock abilities for Axies across games, they will have completely different values, benefits, and skills from one game to another. Body parts also have their own unique card art for players to collect.


The axie has 4 stats and they are HP, Morale, skill, and speed. They are used to fix the type of axie which are used for the battle to win and collect the points.


HP means the axie’s health which denotes the withstanding capabilities when there is an attack.


This stat helps to increase the chance to craft critical strikes means the knockout strikes in the battle area.


It's the ability to use multiple cards or attributes. These are the attacks done against the opponents.


It is the direction and the force determining the attack. The highest speed can make the attack stronger and win the battle.


It is the direction and the force determining the attack. The highest speed can make the attack stronger and win the battle.


There are 6 body parts for the axies which are unlocked with the extra points gained and we can upgrade them to efficiently take part in the battle. The body parts are:





Features of Our Axie Infinity Clone Script

Customized Dashboards
Real-time Data Analytics
High Secured CRM and CMS
Easily Accessible
Referral & Rewards Methods
100% Decentralized

How to Create a Play-To-Earn NFT Gaming Platform Like Axie Infinity?

With a team of experts having 10+ years of experience in Native, Flutter, Golang, Solidity and other languages and the latest tools, We create your Nft gaming platform for play-to-earn purposes. Getting revenues by playing games are the current trend in the market. Creating a realistic platform, Amazing pet characters, Accessories, weapons, and Unlock rewards features we make the game more interesting and engaged with a great involved experience. Reach us for making your platform the best and stand up against the competitors.

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What Do We Offer in Axie Infinity Clone Script?

Players and gamers prefer NFT-based P2E gaming platforms for a variety of reasons, and this gives endless opportunities to entrepreneurs. However, building an NFT gaming platform from scratch is not as easy as it sounds. In addition to the huge costs involved, replicating a development model like Axie Infinity requires a team of dedicated game developers who can bring an NFT gaming platform to reality. However, the good news is an Axie Infinity clone script development is possible through a readymade pre-built script. Therefore, acquiring our readymade Axie infinity clone script can help you to accelerate your NFT game development at lightning speed and dramatically reduce costs. In addition, the axie infinity clone script is fully customizable and white-labeled.

Suppose you have to build an NFT game like Axie Infinity Clone with minimum possible functionalities, and you choose to go the standard way trying to assemble the entire development. This will not only need huge investment but also spending more. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a ready Axie Infinity Clone Script, you can instantly cut down the estimated costs by a significant 75%. Axie Infinity Clone Script is available on our website so that any startup can buy Axie infinity clone already tested in the market at an affordable price.

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New Features Added In Axie Infinity Clone Script

User Benefits

Cinematic 3D Experience
Referral & Reward System
100% Decentralized
Low-risk Investments
Quick & fast Transactions
Risk-Free For Players

Admin Benefits

Tailor-made Dashboards
Real-Time Data & Analytics
Secured CMS & CRM
Various Ad Module
Referral & Rewards Offers
Transaction History

Core Features of our Axie Infinity Clone Script

Without advanced features, one can’t run a successful NFT gaming platform. Therefore, features play a key part when it comes to the NFT gaming platform. Axie infinity offers only a basic level of features, but we at Dappsfirm have an intellection process and enabled all the advanced features in the Axie infinity clone script to make it stand out from the competitor.

Here is the list of advanced features that you can get from our premium white label Axie Infinity clone script.

Axie Breeding
Native Tokens
Multiple wallet connection support
Advanced UI/UX
Cutting-edge Price chart tools
Multi-lingual support
Transaction history

Security Features of our Axie Infinity Clone Script

The protection and security of the NFT gaming platform is our major concerns, so we at Dappsfirm incorporate high-end security features to protect your Axie Infinity clone gaming platform.

Inbuilt security APIs
Immutable smart contracts
Multi-layered security options
Advanced decryption
Server-side entry forgery features
Protection against DDoS
Complete SSL encryption
Encrypted bridging

You can get all these features as a complete package from our bug-free Axie Infinity clone script. Apart from these, you can also optimize the features and other security aspects as per your business needs with ease.

Business Benefits of Using Axie Infinity Clone Script

  • Quick deployment is possible. Our Axie infinity clone script helps you to create and deploy a user-friendly Metaverse NFT gaming like Axie Infinity within a week.

  • Comes with a powerful user dashboard and a superior admin dashboard.

  • As an owner of the NFT gaming platform, you can handle the admin portal and control all the functionalities, security modules, and more in a hassle-free manner.

  • Complete white label solution.

  • Supports a Multi-Lingual.

  • It is specially designed for Metaverse game users, so you can attract a wide range of game audiences simply.

  • Our axie infinity clone script is completely developed and tested by blockchain experts, so you no need to put any strain on any development process.

  • One of the major things is the high customization part. The customization you get in our Axie infinity clone script is unpredictable. This is because you can completely change from visuals to the backend functionality. As a result, you can get a unique NFT gaming platform on the Ethereum blockchain as per your need.

  • The Axie Infinity clone script comes with an advanced top-tier architectural design to cut-down server maintenance costs and resistance to malware attacks.

  • The protocol in the Axie Infinity clone script supports the integration of multiple blockchain wallets.

  • You can yield all these outstanding benefits by gaining a premium white label Axie Infinity clone software. After fulfilling these advantages, you need to follow the primary steps for building an NFT gaming platform using an Axie infinity clone script.

Steps to Develop an NFT gaming platform on Ethereum Blockchain using Axie Infinity Clone Script

As already said, Axie Infinity clone software will let you deploy an Ethereum-based NFT gaming platform instantly after optimizing the gaming platform. But the important part is even though you use the ready-made Axie Infinity clone script to launch an NFT game, you need to allow some outstanding factors for building an NFT gaming platform on the Ethereum network using the Axie infinity clone script.

Here we disclose a few primary steps that you need to follow.
  • Discover a unique Business concept.

  • Research all the aspects of the Axie Infinity before creating an NFT gaming platform similar to Axie Infinity.

  • Do Metaverse based NFT gaming market research regularly.

  • Observe the pros and cons of Axie Infinity. Once you find them, try to fix them on your NFT gaming platform.

  • You need to check the authority in the country that you are planning to launch NFT gaming like Axie Infinity. This is because some major countries banned digital assets. So check the laws of the country twice before launching an NFT gaming like Axie Infinity.

  • Make sure that you have enough funds for creating an NFT gaming platform on the Ethereum or other blockchain network using an Axie Infinity clone script.

  • Find out the core features and security modules that you want to cover in your Axie Infinity clone NFT gaming platform.

  • Run a beta test that gives more genuine and real-time insights about whether the axie infinity clone will be liked by end-users or not if launched.

  • Deploy your NFT gaming platform like Axie Infinity on Multi-chain with the support of the first-class NFT game clone script provider – Dappsfirm.

  • Finally, Start promoting your NFT game like Axie infinity to your targeted players and users around the world.

Why Choose Dappsfirm For Axie Infinity Clone Script?

To experience a unique and bug-free Axie infinity clone script, you need to consult with a reputed NFT game clone script provider. This is where Dappsfirm ranks top position in the crypto market. Clients who obtained clone scripts from us are making high returns right now and they are referred to other startups to utilize our premium service. This immense success is possible only by the quality, scalability, performance, and reliability which we offer in our NFT game clone script.

We are masters in offering all kinds of prominent NFT game clone script solutions with superior outcomes. We offer the best-in-class Axie Infinity clone script which is specially designed and developed for startups and entrepreneurs. We have some well-trained blockchain developers to craft and deliver the Axie Infinity clone script within the particularized time frame as per the client’s requirements.

If you are a startup planning to create an NFT game on the Ethereum or other blockchain in a cost-effective way, then connecting with Daappsfirm will be the best solution for your business. We are also experts in offering the trending NFT game clone scripts which give massive success in your business are listed below

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Axie infinity clone script is a pre-designed NFT game clone software of the world’s leading NFT gaming platform “ Axie Infinity ''. Our script holds all the current gaming modules and specialized functions of the Axie infinity. By using this Axie infinity clone script, you can create and launch a feature-rich NFT gaming platform similar to Axie infinity within a few days.
Yes, Our advanced and robuts Axie infinity clone script offers 100% customization to best suit your NFT gaming business requirements.
You can get the ready-made & bug-free Axie Infinity clone from Dappsfirm at a pocket-friendly budget. We offer a premium Axie infinity clone script with primary gaming features and an stunning UI/UX to ensure the best gaming experience for your users.
If you are planning to create your own NFT gaming platform like Axie infinity quickly, then you can use premium Axie infinity clone script. So that you can launch your own NFT gaming platform in just 10 days. In case, you develop an NFT game from scratch, then it might take countless months for development.
Axie Infinity is the world’s leading and most popular NFT gaming platform according to the user volume. Most of the players, users and investors prefer this gaming because it has generated around $90M profit per month. Axie infinity has nearly 2,012,320 active players.They have a eye-catching UI and ROI is also high so the user traffic will be high. Therefore, you can also create a Axie Infinity-like NFT gaming platform and make a profitable income.
Yes, you will own the entire  source code of your axie infinity clone 
Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Stellar, EOS, Binance Smart Chain and more based on your requirements.
Yes, Our ready-made and customizable Axie infinity clone script supports Multi-Language and offers easy integration of different languages with ease.
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