W-Coin Clone Script to Build a Viral Crypto Clicker Game like W-coin

Launch your own Telegram tap-to-earn game like W-Coin with Dappsfirm's W-Coin clone script offers easy gameplay & high earning potential.


W-Coin is a tap-to-earn game on Telegram that allows you to earn in-game currency by just hitting a button. Players choose which blockchain the new currency will debut on, contributing to the game’s community-driven approach, which is its most notable feature. Ethereum, Solana, and the TON blockchain are your options. 

With a democratic twist that involves the community heavily in its creation, this distinctive feature elevates W-Coin above the average clicker game. An effective W-Coin clone script might be the key to your success if you've ever thought of venturing into the fascinating world of cryptocurrency exchanges.


W-Coin Clone Script

W-Coin clone script is a ready-made software solution that allows you to easily earn games like WCoin for your commercial enterprise. You can start using these W-coin clone software solutions right away; there's no need to start from scratch. Dappsfirm is the best Telegram-based Tap-to-Earn Game Development Company that provides services for developing tap-to-earn games such as W-Coin, DotCoin, TapSwap, and others. 


Features of our W-Coin clone script

Mates: You can make a referral link and view the pals you've recruited on this tab. By crediting your account with a portion of your friends' profits, referrals increase your earnings.

Activities: To get additional tokens, complete certain activities such as checking in every day, joining the community, and meeting certain tapping targets.

Staking: To increase your earnings over time, stake a portion of your tokens. Depending on how much and for how long you bet, this might greatly increase your overall number of tokens.

Boosts: To increase the effectiveness of your tapping, make use of tools like energy chargers and auto-tap bots. You may also increase your profits by taking advantage of daily free boosters like "Full Battery" and "Lucky Dice".

Automatic Tap Bots: Save time and work by automatically touching the W-coin.

Power Adapters: Increase the pace at which your bot's energy refills.

Free Daily Boosts: Use no-cost boosters such as "Lucky Dice" and "Full Battery" to obtain fast energy refills and temporary tap multipliers.


Whitelabel W-Coin Clone Software 

Whitelabel W-Coin clone software allows you to change the game's appearance and functionality while adhering to the rules needed for legal company identification. Our Whitelabel W-Coin clone software provides a customizable solution that enables users to choose the blockchain on which they want to launch their tokens. The alternatives include Ethereum, TON, and Solana. The users can only choose this option once using the settings icon on the game screen, players must choose carefully.


Benefits of W-Coin clone script

A W-Coin clone script can generate revenue through several channels similar to established cryptocurrency exchanges:

  •  Rapid Launch: Our W-coin clone software provides a pre-built framework, reducing development time and resources.
  •  Reduced Costs: Instead of starting from scratch when creating a cryptocurrency exchange, you may save money by using our W-coin clone software.
  •  Proven Functionality: Based on successful exchanges like W-Coin, inheriting core features like secure transactions and trading.
  •  Customization: In our W-coin clone software you can customize with branding, design elements, and unique features.
  • Scalability: With our W-coin clone script you can build to handle a growing user base, ensuring smooth scaling.


W-Coin Clone app

W-Coin Clone is a software program for prospective cryptocurrency exchange operators rather than a download. It is like a replicated template built on W-Coin, an exchange that could already exist. With pre-built features like user wallets and safe transactions, this software enables you to quickly create your cryptocurrency trading site. To make your transaction stand out, you can even add special features and alter the appearance.


Revenue streams of W-Coin clone script 

  • Trading Fees: Charge a small percentage on every trade on the platform. There are two options: a tiered system depending on trading volume or a flat cost.
  •  Listing Fees: Offer fees for new crypto projects seeking wider exposure on established exchanges. Consider tiered packages for different visibility and benefits.
  • Margin Trading: Lets customers take out loans to increase their trading positions. Charge interest on borrowed funds for additional revenue.
  • Staking and Lending Services: Users deposit their cryptocurrency holdings on the site. Get payment according to the interest generated.
  • Fiat On/Off Ramp Fees: Processing fees can be applied to user deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies (such as USD or EUR) on your platform.


Why  Dappsfirm for developing Tap-to-Earn Game on telegram like W-Coin?

Dappsfirm is a well-known Tap-to-Earn game development company that creates large and interesting gaming experiences. Our blockchain technology experts can help you develop your T2E game by providing error-free W-Coin clone scripts. Our tap-to-earn clone scripts include many features that you can change to almost exactly what you need. If required, we may provide help for integration and modification in addition to development. 


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