Dotcoin clone script - to create a tap-to-earn game like Dotcoin

Dappsfirm's Dotcoin clone script offers easy setup & engaging mechanics for your Telegram game. Attract crypto users & grow your business.


A "tap-to-earn" notion is provided by the Dotcoin mini-app on Telegram.Players touch the center dot to earn Dotcoin, which can afterwards be exchanged for blockchain tokens. The game capitalizes on the user base and usability of Telegram to join the expanding trend of crypto games hosted on the network. Gamers may get more money by accepting jobs, invites, and boosts.

But what if you could leverage this trend and create your own unique tap-to-earn game?

Enter the Dot Coin clone script - a pre-built software solution that allows you to launch your own tap-to-earn game on Telegram. This script provides a cost-effective and efficient way to capitalize on the current market excitement, without the need to develop everything from scratch.


DotCoin Clone Script 

The DotCoin Clone script is a ready-made solution that allows you to make money by tapping.. Our Dotcoin clone software is a tap-to-earn business game is based on Telegram and cannot be made from scratch. Integrating it inside your company will make it simple for you to access. Use Dappsfirm to launch a tap-to-earn game similar to DotCoin. With the help of several experts, we created a dependable and intuitive tap-to-earn game that will meet your needs. 


White-label DotCoin clone software

White-label DotCoin clone software is a pre-built kit that allows you to completely customize and construct your own DotCoin-style tap-to-earn game. Consider it a Lego set with all the elements to build a fun, engaging game, but with the ability to change the colors, branding, and even some of the features. Our white-label Dotcoin clone software saves you time and money by providing a pre-built base, enabling you to focus on adapting the game to your target audience and aims.


How to increase your profits using a DotCoin clone script:

To increase your DotCoin clone points, take into account the following strategies:

  •  Complete Earn Page Tasks: Register a Bybit account, follow on social media, and refer friends. Tap the job to earn points.
  •  Use Game X2: Double any balance by tapping Game X2. This feature quadruples your point total.
  •  Use Boosters: Invest in more taps to increase earnings per tap.
  •  Ensure a TON Wallet: Download and set up a compatible TON wallet like Tonkeeper.
  •  Connect Wallet to Dotcoin: Open the Dotcoin game on Telegram and authorize and link your TON wallet.
  •  Accumulate Dotcoins: Play the game and accumulate Dotcoins through tapping, tasks, and boosts.
  •  Initiate Withdrawal: Click “Claim” to withdraw Dotcoins and any TON coins you have won.


Benefits of using our tap-to-earn games like DotCoin 

Reduced Development Costs: Tap-to-earn games on Telegram might be created more rapidly and cheaply than regular mobile games that are created from scratch by using a DotCoin clone software.

Simple Game Mechanics: Games built with the DotCoin clone script contain simple gaming principles that are suitable for players of all skill levels and ages. Tapping on the screen to collect prizes is a simple task that draws in a significant number of players.

Getting Rewards in Cryptocurrencies: Players get tokens, in-game cash, and airdrops. These can be traded for cryptocurrencies, attracting a large user base to Telegram's play-to-earn model.

Multiple Revenue Streams: Businesses can launch initial coin offers (ICOs), offer premium players special passes and character skins, provide subscription services, permit in-app purchases, and integrate banner and video commercials within the game to make extra money.

Faster Time to Market: Compared to creating a game from scratch, clone scripts provide a substantial head start. You can take advantage of the latest trends and swiftly launch your game.

Customization Options: Dot coin clone scripts frequently enable you to customize features, branding, and prizes to provide your consumers with a one-of-a-kind experience, all while maintaining comparable core gameplay.

Proven Functionality: Dot coin Clone scripts reduce the possibility of technical problems or defects because they are built on proven, successful models.


No Investment Needed: Build Your Own Tap-to-Earn Empire 

Yes, you can utilize our DotCoin clone script to earn DotCoin points without having to pay any money.Downloading the Telegram app on your smartphone is the first step. Launch Telegram after installation, then start the account creation procedure.

  • Select the code for your country.
  • Please enter your phone number.
  • Either select "Next" or "Continue.

Verifying the number you entered: Telegram will send you an SMS containing a verification code. In order to verify your phone number, enter this code. If you do not get the code, you can request a call.

Clicking on the DotCoin clone Bot will start Telegram and the DotCoin chat. You see an automatic message after clicking the "Start" button. Press the "Let's go" button to begin playing the game about cryptocurrencies.


Why choose Dappsfirm for developing Dot coin clone script ?

Dappsfirm is a tap-to-earn game development company based on Telegram that presents a great chance to become the next DotCoin.You could be a pioneer in the Telegram gaming industry by taking advantage of the popularity of these games with minimal effort and clever marketing strategies. Using the most recent technology stacks, our skilled team of game developers creates and configures feature-rich DotCoin clone scripts. We guarantee top-notch items, timely delivery, and full branding and customizing. Our blockchain experts provide ongoing assistance following implementation, ensuring comprehensive testing and seamless integration

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