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Nowadays, Move-to-earn is a fascinating new arena in the Web3 and fitness industries, with many advantages for both people and society in general. This platform fosters community involvement, encourages healthier habits, and gives people new economic options, all of which have a positive impact on their general well-being and health.With this vibe, SuperWalk is one of the move-to-earn games for fitness activity and recently this made a peak of attention from the users.  

Lets see more about developing Move to earn games  like SuperWalk throughout this blog.

SuperWalk Clone script

SuperWalk Clone  script is a ready-made solution to create a blockchain-based Move-to-Earn (M2E) game which replicates SuperWalk. It is a decentralized application that tracks user activity and rewards them with tokens using the Ethereum network. It is a fresh and creative M2E game with the potential to overtake the classic SuperWalk game in popularity. The game is rewarding, entertaining, and to be enjoyed by many players. 

As a leading M2E Game Development company , DappsFirm allows you to create a custom superWalk environment using NFT shoes and levels to improve a web3.0 fitness platform that is user-centric. Purchase the SuperWalk Clone Script, which keeps growing its virtual treadmill universe. Our NFT game developers will provide sports consumers and platform owners with income-generating opportunities.

What is SuperWalk ? 

SuperWalk is a Move-To-Earn platform that uses blockchain rewards and rewards users for simply walking.Users running or walking can get daily token rewards ($WALK, $GRND). The award comes in different amounts depending on the mode, shoe kind, grade, stats, etc. The in-app tokens $WALK and $GRND are utilized for item purchases, leveling up, building, repair, and other purposes. The Fungible Token and Shoes NFT of SuperWalk will keep growing.

 Two modes of SuperWalk clone script 

  • Basic mode 

Only accounts without Shoes NFTs can use Basic Mode, a reward-style pedometer service. Users might spend a lot of time understanding and using SuperWalk services in Basic Mode, and will be thinking about switching to Pro Mode.

  • Pro Mode

Only owners of Shoes NFT are permitted access to Pro Mode. Walking and running in Pro Mode will earn you $ WALK and $ GRND awards. Tokens are also distributed in accordance with the statistics from Shoes rating, level, attributions, and item, which are computed by the SuperWalk reward calculation method.

Primary features of SuperWalk Clone Script 

  • Social networking to engage with friends and relatives

Users can communicate with their friends and relatives and engage in friendly competition to obtain extra rewards. In order to keep each other motivated, users can also create groups and challenges.

  • NFTs as Fitness execution

They can acquire and trade NFTs that serve as a representation of their fitness accomplishments. These NFTs can be traded for other NFTs or digital currencies, or they can be used to display their fitness advancement.

  • Gamified components to get more rewards

Users can get more rewards after completing quests and challenges. These quests and challenges could involve anything from running a 5K race to walking a specific number of steps.

GameFi elements are , 

  • Shoes NFT
  • Additional option 
  • Title system 
  • Points and leaderboard 
  • Items 
  • Leaderboards to compare other users 

 Users can compare their fitness activities and award earnings to that of other users to see how they compare. This may be a fantastic technique to maintain drive and competition.

  • Geolocation to explore new places 

 Acquiring prizes for traveling by foot or on foot to predetermined destinations has proven to be a fantastic way to both explore new places and get some exercise.

  • Customization based on requirements

The avatar and fitness objectives of users can be changed. By doing so, they can design a customized experience that is catered to their particular requirements and interests.

  • Security for user data 

The blockchain technology used to safeguard the platform ensures the safety and security of user data and rewards. This is significant since users are giving the platform access to their personal data and cryptocurrencies.

Our SuperWalk Clone scripts incorporates social Fi elements  such as 

  1. Crash challenge 
  2. Raffle system
  3. Ranking match
  4. Crew 
  5. Item market 

Benefits of the SuperWalk Clone script 

  • SuperWalk Clone can be played without any initial outlay by users. Both buying NFT sneakers and playing the game are free of charge up front.
  • It's a terrific alternative for users of all fitness levels because it has a low entry barrier. Users can begin with a straightforward walking schedule and gradually up their exercise level as they get more fit.
  • It's a fun, sociable experience. Users can collaborate with other gamers, establish teams, and engage in competition for prizes. As a result, the game is more enjoyable and inspiring.
  • The Ethereum blockchain serves as the foundation for SuperWalk Clone, which is based on it. Because of this, the clone will eventually be able to expand and support additional users.
  • The clone is accessible to users all over the world, providing a fantastic opportunity to interact with people from all countries and backgrounds. 

SuperWalk clone App

With the SuperWalk clone app, you may buy a shoe NFT and utilize it in pro mode to precisely measure your exercise history. You can check the measurement history that was captured by the GPS and phone sensors at any moment. SuperWalk clone app is a clever health care program that helps you develop a workout habit while making money.

We think maintaining your well-being should be a simple component of your regular activities. You can navigate through the features of our user-friendly design with ease, and you can keep track of your progress in terms of your health.

How Does the SuperWalk Clone App function?

The SuperWalk Clone App tracks your movement and gives you tokens as payment for being active. You must register for an account with the app and link your smartphone or fitness tracker before using it. After you connect, the app will begin following your movements. 

Connect your smartphone or activity tracker after creating an account and you can register for an account. You must link your smartphone or fitness tracker to the app after creating an account. This enables the app to follow your movements.You can begin walking or running as soon as your fitness tracker or smartphone is connected to the app. 

Your movements will be tracked by the app, and it will give you tokens for being active.The number of tokens you get is determined by a number of variables, such as the distance you ran or walked, how quickly you moved, what kind of shoe you were wearing, and how high a level it was.

By covering more distances, moving more quickly, and wearing nicer shoes, you can earn more tokens when walking or jogging.The in-game products you may buy with your earned tokens include new shoes, upgrades, and accessories. The tokens can also be exchanged for fiat money on a decentralized exchange.

Why Choose DappsFirm for the SuperWalk Clone Software?

At DappsFirm,we continue offering innovative solutions to the tech sector, and our client is doing well. We offer a well tested, bug-free, and secure SuperWalk Clone App due to our team of skilled developers with experience in a wide range of modern technologies.

So, get in touch with us and talk to our team about your innovative Web3 and blockchain-based lifestyle business ideas if you want to find a great SuperWalk clone app solution for your health fitness lifestyle business.

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