AR/VR Game Development: Bridging the Gap Between Reality and Fantasy

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AR /VR Game Development

AR/VR game development is the process of making interactive video games that make use of AR and VR technologies to give players immersive and captivating experiences. By fusing the actual world with a virtual one, AR/VR games provide players a completely immersive experience. While VR games employ a gear to immerse the player in a fully realized virtual world, AR games use the camera of a smartphone or tablet to display virtual things onto the real world environment. We adhere to this concept in all facets of AR/VR game development, from design to implementation, since we feel that paying attention to detail is the key to producing a fantastic AR & VR game.

AR/VR Game Development Company

DappsFirm is a top-grade AR/VR Game Development company with a group of incredibly enthusiastic people who are driven to advance the gaming business. Our team members have an immense experience, making us technical wizards and creative geniuses. Our focus is on AR/VR game development that is rich in use  which provides users an unmatched level of delight. Our AR/VR games have engrossing plotlines, gorgeous graphics , fun gameplay elements, and easy to use interfaces. 

Types of AR/VR games 

A variety of AR/VR game genres exist. Three distinct categories can be used to roughly classify these games: 

Real-time strategy genre 

Users of real-time games must gather resources in order to develop empires and their associated units. Due to the direct impact on the outcome, every action requires careful forethought. Real-time strategy games include, among others, Demeo, Knightfall AR, and Skyworld-Kingdom Brawl. 

Multiple-player games

Since they give players the impression that they are physically close to their gaming companion, multiplayer games are one of the most popular game types. Users have the option to design and personalize their digital personas before teaming up with other gamers to engage in real-time adventure. 

Examples: MineCraft VR, Pokemon Go, Rabbids-Crazy Rush, Real racing 3, etc. 

Perks of  developing AR/VR game 

Simulated narrative 

Games in AR and VR have captivating gameplay and storytelling that players find to be addictive.

An exciting game

Modern AR and VR technologies produce a pleasant and exciting gaming platform that improves the game experience. 

Unforgettable experiences 

You can create immersive games that suit your users' preferences using AR/VR technologies. 

Absorbing power 

The impacts of AR/VR technologies produce an extremely lifelike virtual environment that immerses gamers in a world where everything appears to be real. 

Consumer experience 

By creating captivating games that encourage players to stay on the platform longer, AR/VR games enhance user experience. 

A distinct game atmosphere 

By adding digital elements to the real world or creating lifelike virtual worlds, developers can use AR/VR to build game platforms with distinctive features and functionalities. 

Elite features of AR/VR Game Development 

Wholesome adventure 

With the use of AR and VR technologies , users can immerse themselves in a virtual environment and experience as though they are physically inside the game.Players may enjoy their gaming more and have a better experience with this degree of immersion. 

Improved reality

Because AR/VR technology lets players interact more realistically with the game world, it enhances realism in gaming.

Socializing and networking 

AR/VR technology can be utilized to generate virtual environments for socializing and networking, allowing players to engage in realistic interactions with one another. 

Amplified creativity 

Because AR/VR gaming lets users construct and customize their own game environments and characters, it can foster creativity in players. 

Our AR/VR game development solutions 

At DappsFirm, the ideas behind AR/VR gaming are seen with the intention of putting every user on an amazing trip to offer them the feel rather than simply the visual of the breathtaking environment of augmented and virtual reality.

We provide interactive settings for serious players everywhere. To demonstrate their proficiency in the functional element of 3D gaming, the DappsFirm team has been creating games for a number of years that cater to demands like:

  • 3rd Party API Integration
  • Social API Integration
  • 360 Degree View
  • Unity VR Setup Based Solution

How to develop an AR/VR Game ?

A very creative and imaginative mind is needed when creating an AR/VR game from scratch, in addition to great software and design talents. 

Here is a quick rundown of our unique development method  for AR/VR games.

Laying out a plan

To create an AR/VR game, we first come up with an original game concept that involves writing the plot, creating the environment, and creating the characters. After that, we proceed to the 3D modeling stage.

3D modeling and character creation

Understanding several platforms, such as Blender, Unity, Sketchfab, etc., is necessary for creating 3D models for video games. In order to access specific modeling, texturing, rigging, shading, and animation functions, our designers move models between various programs. Some of the best animation systems for video games are Unity and Unreal engine. 

Development stage

We can create custom software for your AR/VR headset using our HoloLens development kit, allowing you to experience a seamless integration of reality and virtuality.

  • Resident Evil 2

  • Superhot VR

  • A Way Out

  • The Witcher 3

  • Doom Eternal

Why choose DappsFirm ?

At DappsFirm, we are thrilled to invite you to collaborate with us. Our worldwide existence is proof of the adoration and faith that our clientele from all over the world have for us. We don't simply say we'll provide you a bespoke solution; we actually bring new chances with us for you.

If you're seeking for a reliable partner with a ton of experience developing AR/VR games then you may create AR/VR-based games and software with the aid of DappsFirm.

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