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Expertly craft your unique Web3 farming game with Dappsfirm's Pixels Clone Script. Advanced tools, experienced team, and 10+ years in blockchain tech.


Pixels Clone Script


Engage in the most amiable Web3 gaming arena by using our Pixels clone script and submerge yourself in the farming activities to earn rewards. With the help of our skilled talents, you can design and launch blockchain based platforms to reap profits at an unbelievable level. 


Overview of Pixels Game

Pixels is a captivating, open-ended world of farming and exploration, built one pixel at a time. Being a web3 farming game, it helps in establishing yourself in a realm of boundless exploration. It also enhances your abilities to play the game, can create new communities and experience gaming in a different way. The goal of this game is to provide an amusing ecosystem supported by blockchain which can attract millions of people to access the web3 environment. The Main pipelines of these pixel games are:

  • The Gaming ideology is based on offering a fun ecosystem.
  • Interoperability will be the future 
  • Decentralization will be the major aspect of the platform. 


Get a Feature-rich Web3 Farming game like Pixels by our team

Pixels clone script is the replication of the web3 farming game like pixels which has all essential features and functions entirely. As a leading web3 game development company, Dappsfirm has a skilled team of developers to design and build your farming games with all required accessories to stand unique in the markets. Using all market leading tools and technologies, we bring to light all the astounding factors to your gaming platform. With 10+ years of experience in blockchain technology, 


Gameplay Mechanisms involved in Our Pixels clone script

Primary mechanics:


  • Farming
  • Quests Narrative
  • Cooking and Acquiring Recipes
  • Personalization of spaces (Land Ownership, Map Builder)



  • Foraging
  • Pets
  • Flower Breeding
  • Skills Acquisition
  • Personalization of Spaces, expanded
  • Industry Balancing
  • Competitions
  • Mini Games
  • Character Relationship Building
  • Narrative Sleuthing


Secondary mechanics

Main mechanics that facilitate the player's involvement with the game as they progress towards the goal are known as secondary mechanics.


  • Store
  • Social Features
  • Taxes
  • Leaderboards
  • Recipe Book compiling
  • Achievements and Trophies



  • Income and Business Benchmarks
  • Level Progression
  • Skills Progression
  • Horticulture Leveling
  • Animal Husbandry Leveling
  • Elements of Sabotage


Several resources are available in the pixels clone software for ensuring the greatest gameplay as follows:

  • Soil
  • Crops
  • Wood
  • Water
  • Storage
  • Stone
  • Power
  • Metal


How is the game played in Our Pixels clone script?

In our Pixels clone script, farming is the main activity carried out. Plots on farm land, which can be either public or private, are used to raise crops. On every farm they visit, players can plant crops, and each farm keeps a different portion of the resources collected. 

Players begin farming by sowing seeds in order for crops to grow.

Using a watering tool, nourish the seeds once they have been sown. To go to the next growth stage, each crop needs to be watered after a specific period of time.

At any point during the growth cycle, fertilizer can be administered to reduce the overall amount of grow time by a predetermined amount.


The final stage of the process is harvesting, which provides the user with resources and experience as compensation.


A crop is ready for harvesting when it is fully mature and ripe. Players receive more seeds, experience points, and a crop yield upon harvesting. The experience and resource rewards will vary depending on the type of crop.


Apart from planting, the different techniques of acquiring the resources can be through various industries as follows:

  • Woodcutting
  • Apiary
  • Mining. 


Tokens used in Our Pixels clone software to get additional benefits

$BERRY: The main in-game currency is $BERRY. They serve as the primary means of player advancement and loop navigation.

$PIXEL: It is the premium in-game currency known which is used to purchase products, upgrades, and cosmetic enhancements that are not part of the game's main gameplay loop.

Both tokens' overall quantity is meant to be unlimited, but the features that each currency unlocks and the methods for obtaining them differ greatly.


White Label Pixels clone software

White Label Pixels clone software is the fully customizable metaverse based farming game which can be designed based on your business requirements. This solution from our team can be the cost-effective output for initiating a reward generating gaming arena. Following your needs, our team frames the outline with all engrossing features and help you launch the platform successfully to get highest revenues.

Features of Our Pixels game clone script

  • NFTs Integration
  • NFT Marketplace for selling, buying in-game assets
  • Reward collecting systems
  • Ability to build your own land
  • Avatars creation options
  • High end security amenities
  • Decentralization plays a main role
  • Smart contract integration
  • Monetization options
  • Interoperability


Why Choose Dappsfirm for designing your Pixels clone script?

Dappsfirm is the pioneer in the field of gaming and blockchain technology, and our goal is to transform gaming through player-centric, decentralized ecosystems. Our goal is to set the standard for Web3 farming games like Pixels and therefore we offer a robust Pixels clone script by giving players never-before-seen control and chances. Our team comprises enthusiastic game developers, blockchain talents who are dedicated to exploring new frontiers in the gaming business. We offer a distinct viewpoint to the gaming community with our varied skill set and passion for both technology and agriculture. In order to maintain the relevance of our games, we keep up with the most recent developments in technology in launching your Pixels clone software along with revenue generation ideologies.

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