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Gaming industry has been reaching its eternal popularity across various nations due to the incorporation of blockchain technology and decentralization mechanisms. Why Games on Fantom? Have you ever wondered? Blockchain and gaming have a lot in common, but the development of more resilient decentralized networks and technical obstacles have hindered actual progress. By addressing these issues, Fantom becomes the perfect platform for developers that want to use blockchain technology to create player-driven, more recent games.Let’s look in detail about fantom and its benefits in developing games.


What’s Fantom and its offerings to the gaming ecosystem?

Fantom is a decentralized, permissionless blockchain for smart contracts. It aims to provide decentralized application and digital asset capabilities on a more effective and economical network, much like other Ethereum substitutes. Because it can implement many blockchains instead of requiring all applications to be developed on the primary Fantom blockchain, the network is distinct. With a Proof of Stake consensus method, the entire network is protected. 


Look how it will revolutionize the Gaming Industry:

  • Fantom can help with the tokenization of in-game assets which implies that distinct blockchain tokens can be used to represent virtual goods, characters, or other game assets. 
  • It has the potential to improve in-game item ownership, transferability, and interoperability.
  • Decentralized gaming ecosystems can be established by utilizing Fantom's smart contract capabilities.
  • An integrated gaming experience could be promoted by the possibility for players to use their in-game money or assets in Fantom games.
  • Low transaction costs and high throughput are prioritized in Fantom's design.


Fantom game Development

It is defined as the development of games over the Fantom blockchain networks. As it has multiple advantages for the players, developing games over fantom will be the greater idea if you are wishing to start over the gaming business with huge ROIs. Being well-known in blockchain game development, our team can make wonders to your gaming initiatives. Having 10+ years of experience in the relevant field, our developers will build and launch your Fantom gaming platform with astounding features. Our Fantom game development will remark your identity in the gaming markets as we incorporate world class standards and ideologies.


Fantom Game Development Company

Among the competitors in the markets, Dappsfirm is the most leading Fantom Game development company who have successfully been in the path of building and launching more than 150+ decentralized gaming platforms. Our game developers have deep knowledge in blockchain technology and they are the master crackers in staying up-to-date about the market trends. Your Fantom games can be created by our team with all reliable features and functionalities to reap huge ROIs. 


Top Fantom Games

  • Sports games
  • Metaverse games
  • Strategy games
  • Move-to-Earn games
  • Card games
  • Play-to-earn games
  • RPG
  • Action games 
  • GameFi


Let’s know about Fantom and the Future of Blockchain Gaming

By 2025, There will be a considerable increase in the NFT and blockchain sectors as we can see the potential market for blockchain-based games that revolve around digital assets and digital assets with real market value. It is inevitable that all of these fields like NFTs, games, blockchain technology, and the metaverse will come into creative collision. The purpose of Fantom is to adapt to these situations. We can see a great revolution in these games created over fantom, that will offer multiple benefits to the players. 

Why is Fantom  unique for gaming development?

  • It is a permissionless platform
  • EVM Compatible 
  • It is considered to be an open-source network
  • With Metamask, fWallet, or TrustWallet, users can create and access their wallets
  • Web3 applications may be made quickly, cheaply, and with great scalability because of Fantom's distinctive design.
  • It puts security a great priority, as they have proof-of-stake mechanisms. 
  • Once a transaction is confirmed, it is finalized and cannot be undone.


Features of Our Fantom games Development

  • Ownership of in-game assets are guaranteed
  • Gamers can trade easily in our Fantom gaming platform because of its high throughput and almost nonexistent transaction costs.
  • Our Fantom games have a feature-rich NFT marketplace that will provide a ready-made platform for gaming assets.
  • It has simple user profile management
  • By safeguarding player profiles and transaction records, decentralized blockchain ledger helps to reduce losses.
  • Smart contract audited
  • Has rewarding systems and multiple API integrations.


Benefits of Using Our Fantom for Gaming

  • Monetization opportunities
  • Can enable global reach 
  • Transactions are enhanced without the intervention of others
  • High level of security and immutability
  • No hacks or fraudulent activities
  • Community building and engagement made possible
  • Potentially enables cross-game interactions and game transfers
  • Players can have control over their assets.


Why Choose Dappsfirm for Fantom game development Services?

Being the unique identity in the gaming sector, Dappsfirm is certified as the top-rated blockchain game development company. Understanding the benefits of Fantom to be inherited in the gaming environment, our team excels in the particular sector and can build games with top notch security. To develop your Fantom games, we are committed to using decentralized solutions to build innovative and engaging gaming environments. We understand that Fantom's blockchain may be used to bring new aspects of gaming, such as smooth transactions, real asset ownership, and unmatched interoperability and we work accordingly. We enable our community to make decisions about the future of the games by implementing decentralized governance. Join our team to create your games on Fantom…!!

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