Zed run Clone script To Run A Successful NFT Digital Horse Racing Platform!

Leverage the blockchain-based NFT digital horse racing platform with our ready-made Zed run Clone Script


Ready-To-Go Zed Run Clone Script

Build your own Zed Run like NFT digital horse racing website with our Zed Run clone script

Zed run has kicked off a new trend in NFT gaming platforms. It has opened up a new way of digital horse racing platform where users can buy, sell, race, and breed their very own digital NFT racehorse.

Our Zed run clone script is a ready-to-go NFT game script that anybody can put to use to build a Zed run-like NFT digital horse racing platform of their own. The Zed run clone script favours all the features that you might have seen in Zed run and similar NFT gaming platforms.

Components of Zed Run Clone

Using our Zed run clone script, you can launch your NFT marketplace like Zed run with advanced components


The horse breeding NFT marketplace may be a specialised platform for exchanging non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFT, like the digital horse, maybe exchanged on any open NFT marketplace like OpenSea and Rarible. It allows users to participate in breeding racehorses, and trade them with other players and also allows you to create new progeny.



Breeding is a game fundamental and is pivotal within the ZED RUN ecosystem. Just like the real world, you can breed two racehorses together and produce a new offspring.



To race the horse for whom a class is designated, each and every lineage of an NFT horse,

The digital racehorses which endure the breeding process are allowed to race against the other horse, and the racing component contains the data regarding the horses and races. To race the digital horse for whom a class is determined, each and every lineage of an NFT horse,

Class 1: Highly rated class, with a rating above 81

Class 2: a Z rating ranges between 61–80

Class 3: a Z rating ranges between 41–60

Class 4: a Z rating ranges between 21–40

Class 5: a Z rating ranges between 0–20


Next To Run

It consumes the tracking information for a horse that is expected to participate in the race the following week.



It is a basic component that decides the rarity of horses, their bloodlines, and the possibility of horses in the blockchain-based NFT horse racing game.


Workflow of Zed Run Clone Script

> Developing a Stable

>  Racing the digital horses

>  Breeding the digital horses to create a new legacies

>  Entering various racing levels

>  Build up a stable with horses of various stocks

>  Buying a new horse for the race

>  Seamless payments and Transactions

>  And More


What Makes Our Zed Run Clone Special?

Superior Features

Don’t be mistaken by the name Zed run clone. Our NFT digital horse racing game website script has more features than the original Zed run that you can make use of.

Multiple Income Modes

Turn your NFT digital horse racing game website into a revenue-generating tool. Generate income through various modes including breeding, racing, etc.

100% Customizable

Customize the website any way you want. Play with the theme colours, place your own logo, set customised invoices, etc. to give your NFT digital horse racing website a personal touch of your own.


Based on the client's requirement, Dappsfirm, also provides a Zed run clone script catering to their latest NFT gaming requirements. Blockchain networks are comparatively performing better owing to its scalability. With exclusive Zed run Clone Script Software support, we develop your desired decentralized powered NFT gaming platform that can hook millions of users around the world. 

> Ethereum

> Binance Smart Chain

> Stellar


> Tron


> Waves

> Solana

> Polygon

> And more


Launch Your Own Blockchain-Powered NFT Digital Horse Racing Game Like Zed Run!

We will be available to launch blockchain-powered NFT gaming platforms like Zed Run for you on your own brand name on the NFT market in just 7-10 working days. Our solution will be bespoke to the unique needs of our clients and packed with advanced features and integrations.

100%  Customizable

Our Zed Run Clone Script is flexible enough to meet the specific requirements of the Clients.


Bug-Free & Multi-Tested Code

We provide 100% bug-free and multi-tested Zed Run Clone Script. If there are any bugs or issues you can contact us, we will work on & update the status of the work. 


Licence For A Lifetime

Zed Run Clone Source Code for a lifetime licence and one domain/ brand. With a one-off payment, your script will be covered for the duration of a lifetime.


Technical Support

We provide Support, even non-technical entrepreneurs will profit, we manage everything till the NFT gaming platform is launched.


Open Source Code For Bespoked

We provide a 100% bug-free and open source code that will allow all types of customization.


Why Should You Buy Our Zed Run Clone Over Developing Your own?

You may have many ideas that you want to add to your NFT gaming platform. But do you have the budget? Developing an NFT marketplace from scratch needs both money and time. The waiting time can eat up your profit. Why allow such issues to get up when you can enter the NFT industry with our Zed run clone script? It contains all the features of Zed run and you can also incorporate it to suit your requirements.


Here are a few perks that you can enjoy by procuring our Zed run clone Script

Instant Launch

By developing your NFT marketplace using ready-to-market Zed run Clone, you can launch yourself instantly. Since We follow Zed run’s model, you will rarely find any bugs. All things are pre-coded. Also, we have tested the Zed run clone script before its launch to assure it meets your requirements. On the other hand, if you want to develop your own NFT marketplace, you need to take care of each and every element. Using our bug-free Zed Run clone script, you can launch your NFT marketplace in a hassle-free manner.


Access To Technical Support

We offer top-most technical support so you can easily go through our levels of support. We offer you troubleshooting services so that you face no problem using our Zed run clone. Besides, you will have access to regular updates. This will keep you aware of all the latest trends and technologies in the NFT and crypto era. When you develop your NFT marketplace like Zed run, Dappsfirm is the right partner for your NFT project.


Fewer Efforts

When you use our Zed run Clone Script, you do not have to make any effort to plan, research, and design the marketplace. You get the Zed run Clone readymade and we are here to support you in all the best ways. 



Developing an NFT marketplace like Zed run does not come cheap. At times, you require to break your savings to get an experienced developer. This is not possible for start-ups and small-scale business people. We save you from these unwanted expenses. Obtain for this Zed run clone script and avoid unnecessary payouts. Also, We offer installation for free.


Personalization options

The Zed run clone script gives you enough space to customise your NFT marketplace based on your needs. 


Scalability and licence

Zed run clone is future-ready. Scale up your business and make the primary changes in the script to suit the development. While buying Zed run Clone Script From Dappsfirm, you get a single-user licence. In case you want multiple licences, you can contact us at any time.



Best Reasons To Go With NFT Marketplace like Zed Run

With the booming success of Axie Infinity & Zed run, several companies have already united the competition, building their own NFT gaming platform, and trying to make it even better, to take advantage of the prospects that this industry offers.

The reason behind the tremendous success of these two NFT gaming platforms is the amazing NFT game clone script they have created, which makes playing games using NFTs

Check out the following are the primary benefits of creating your own NFT Gaming Platform like Zed Run using Zed run clone script.

> Launched Instantly

> Less Technical Support Is Needed

> Increased Market Reach

> Highly Customizable


NFT Game Clone Software Development Company

Being the best NFT game development company, Dappsfirm is always ready to offer top-notch NFT game development services to all its native and overseas clients. And also we have been working as an NFT game clone script innovation partner and provide plenty of NFT game clone scripts focused on revamping the value of our customers.

So there you go! If you keep all of these in mind, and cleverly market your NFT gaming platform, you might soon end up becoming one of the biggest competitors to Axie infinity & Zed run, yourself! So, do not wait for more to create your own NFT gaming platform like Zed run using our ready-made Zed run Clone Script!


View Zed Run Clone Script Demo!

We provide a free Zed run Clone Script demo for our customers to understand the entire business model and activity more elaborately. 

Contact Us For The Free Live Demo!

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