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Create a seamless sports betting experience with DappsFirm's customizable Sports betting script. Attract users with user-centric features & compliance adherence.


Sports betting is an enjoyable pastime that makes every minute thrilling when wagers are made on favored sports. What happens if a player has an even better time at the sports betting game ?


Make sports betting more enjoyable with our assistance. Our tools can help you create flawless sports betting clone scripts to grow your business like Bet365, Betfair and so on. 


In this blog you may know more information about our Sports betting script, 


Sports Betting Script 

With our sports betting script, you can create a sustainable online betting enterprise. Customizations are available with our whitelabel sports betting script, providing bettors with a smooth and intuitive experience. The sports betting sector is expanding quickly during popularity. Thus this is the ideal time to create a sports betting clone app. It will attract more people with its optimal user centric features and functionality. 

DappsFirm is a leading Sports Betting Software Development Company, offers a platform for the business by providing sports betting scripts. Our sportsbetting scripts also adhere to strict compliance guidelines and are completely configurable. At Dappsfirm, we guarantee the greatest features and flawless operation to assist you in swiftly approaching your target audience. 


Incredible features of  our Sport Betting Clone Script

We have incredible features that could build your business revenue in the betting market.

Numerous payment methods

Users can deposit and withdraw their winnings using a variety of payment methods supported through DappsFirm. Credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and other means are among the options. 

Support in Multiple Languages

Being able to access accounts in their favorite language will draw a large number of users from around the world with our sports betting clone script.

Sports betting using cryptocurrency

Since digital currency is currently in vogue, customers can place their bets utilizing it using the crypto sports betting feature.

Live betting on sports 

Users like watching live matches while betting on their favorite sport due to live sports betting options. 

Multiple betting assistance 

We are able to create a sport betting script solution for you that allows for the support of many bet kinds including pari-mutuel and standard bets.

Sharing on social media 

Social media sharing is a main key component of our online sports betting clone script. Social media networks allow bettors to post about their betting results and victories. 

Listing of events and sports 

This is one of the main features of our sports betting clone software. Bet on a comprehensive schedule of sporting events with up to date odds information.

Wagering/betting slip 

A key component of our sports betting script app is the betting slip. Bettor-choice bets can be added on betting slips with this feature, making it easy for them to be tracked.


One of the core features we offer to bettors is leaderboard. Users are able to see their rankings according to their past bets and winnings.

Multi-Currency Assistance

We incorporated this feature in the sports betting script development which allows customers from many nations to wager in a variety of currencies.

Referral and bonuses 

This feature aids in customer retention. It is possible to produce the codes for it based on the requirements

Social Media Exchange

The most intriguing element that enables users to tell friends and family about their score or award is the social sharing option.

Admin features of our sports betting script

  • Admin Dashboard
  • User Control
  • Reporting And Analytics
  • Risk Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Bonus And Promotion
  • Odds Management
  • Live Match Tracking
  • Security Management
  • Affiliate Management
  • Content Management
  • User Feedback And Review


Bettors features of our Sportsbook script

  • Seamless user login
  • Profile management 
  • Deposits and withdrawals 
  • Responsible gambling tools 
  • Notifications and alerts 
  • Odds comparison
  • Betting history 
  • Referral
  • Mobile compatibility
  • User Friendly software 
  • In-play betting 
  • Virtual sports


Exclusive benefits of sports betting script  

With these unique advantages, carve out a noteworthy niche for you in the sports betting industry.We provide one of the best sports betting scripts available, which will make you stand out in the betting industry.

Rapid launch time

We've already pre-built our sports betting script so it can be launched right away. There could be a delay if modifications are needed. If not, your clone app for sports betting is prepared to start accepting bets.

Recognized achievement

Sports betting is becoming more and more popular, thus now is the ideal moment for you to improve your business by creating an online sports betting app. Replicating this clone script will yield the same success because it is now successful and has a significant user base.

Ease UI 

We have created incredibly user-friendly sports betting clone script applications. Users' ability to simply use the app and place bets was taken into consideration when creating the design.


It can take a while and be very challenging to start a sports betting clone software from scratch. You will therefore save a great deal of time, money, and effort by selecting our white-label online sports betting clone software.


Our sports betting clone software has been scaled up to accommodate the increased traffic and demand as the number of users wagering on sports is growing daily. You need this scalability in your business to keep the user experience smooth.


The highly configurable sports betting clone script program may be tailored to meet the demands of both corporations and individual users. As a result, it is critical for businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition through their distinctive brand identity.


Sports betting App


We provide unmatched betting chances as a full-service sportsbook and can explore odds and bets on your favorite games. Here are the lists, 

  • NFL betting odds 
  • NBA betting odds
  • MLB betting odds
  • NHL betting odds
  • NCAAF betting odds
  • NCAAB betting odds
  • SuperBowl betting odds
  • UFC/MMA betting odds
  • Boxing betting odds
  • Etc


Our racebook is the ideal choice for horse bettors with varying budgets and degrees of expertise  and also we offer a thrilling way to participate in their preferred sport and maybe win money for fans of horse racing. Some of the facebook lists are, 

  • Horse betting 
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Preakness Stakes 
  • Belmont stakes 
  • Breeders cup
  • etc,.


Sports betting app

our Customizable Sports betting app are getting more and more well-liked in the online community. They provide a fun method to wager on sporting events and games as well as an easy way to handle several bets at once.


Best Sports betting clone scripts we offer

Our skilled developers have a track of record creating top notch websites and mobile apps for sports betting. They can help you create some of the popular sports betting clone scripts such as,

  • Betfair 
  • BetOnline 
  • Betfred
  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • Pinnacle 
  • 1XBet
  • Draftsking 
  • etc


Why DappsFirm for developing Sports betting script ?

DappsFirm is a Sports Betting Platform Development Company who have a deep knowledge and experience in developing a feature rich sports betting platform. Using advanced technology, we have offered a tailored solution to satisfy the distinct needs for your business. Our sports betting script will therefore help you achieve your goals and maintain your competitiveness. Our team continuously goes above and beyond your expectation and delivers a better outcome than others to help you build your business.

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