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Dappsfirm provides a Pokerstars clone script - a ready-made solution to start your own online poker business.


Pokerstars is the biggest real-money online poker globally with a dominant market share of more than two-thirds. Accessible through downloadable poker clients for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, it is one of the largest brands in the U.S., with legal states including Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. With innovative casino platforms, our PokerStars clone script caters to both new and existing businesses.

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Pokerstars Clone Script 

A Pokerstars clone script that works together to pay out can be created by our Dappsfirm designers by closely combining the features and functionalities of the Pokerstars gaming platform. You may start a metaverse poker business and establish yourself as a distinctive brand in international marketplaces with the aid of our poker clone script. Because our company has over ten years of expertise in the gaming industry, we use cutting-edge technology to create a stable metaverse casino game platform. 


Features of our PokerStars clone script 

  •  All-in Shootouts: We provide players to go all-in until a winner emerges automatically. 
  •  Heads-Up Tournaments: 1-1 matchups in a bracket tournament until one player remains.
  •  Multi-Stack Tournaments: Players start with divided chip stacks.
  •  We Support active full-ring Omaha tables, but low stakes and micros are popular.
  •  Our Pokerstars clone script Supports 6-max and 9-max Omaha tables.
  •  Progressive Knockouts: Cash bounty placed on every player, part of eliminated player's bounty pocketed immediately, and part added to hunter’s bounty.
  •  Rebuy Tournaments: Rebuy period at the start of the tournament; no more rebuys permitted.
  •   Shootouts: Players remain at the original table until only one player is left.
  •  Spin & Go is a hyper-turbo and Sit & Go game with three players, while Spin & Go Max offers more players and higher prize pools.
  •  Win the Button: The winner of each pot receives the dealer button.
  •   Our PokerStars clone script is multi-tabling friendly due to its well-scaling table interface.
  •  Zoom: Fold your hand and move to the new table immediately.


White-label Pokerstars clone software 

With Dappsfirm's help, you can develop your own white-label Pokerstars clone software and then sell it to other people at a fair price as a white-label program, enabling anyone to create their own virtual reality poker game by making a few little changes to the game app. Clone scripts are standard procedures for poker stars, and using them might assist you in building a profitable online gaming enterprise.


Benefits of our Pokerstars clone script

Time consumption and affordable

  • Customizes poker gaming platforms to meet needs.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Simplifies the development process.
  • Lower cost compared to other companies.


  • Uses a ready-made clone script for platform creation.
  • Software is adaptable and can incorporate advanced features via third-party integrations.
  • Rebranding is required for basic features launch.
  • Scalable to meet needs.

Quick time to market

  •  Created Pokerstars gambling platform in 2 to 4 weeks.
  •  All features and functions pre-existed.
  •  Code reused, simplifying the creation of multiple gaming platforms.
  •  Quick market entry reduces competition.
  •  Allows time for business efficiency and profitability enhancement.

Own the source code

  •  Contains plain text written in a human-readable programming language.
  •  Allows quick modification to meet business requirements.
  •  Ownership of source code can be achieved by selecting a suitable service provider.

Adding features with customization

  • Allows customization and third-party integration to enhance Pokerstars gaming platform functionality.
  • Enables the creation of long-term, cost-effective, scalable solutions.
  • Allows for platform changes and enhanced rewards.
  • Profitable from a business standpoint due to its numerous benefits.

Safe & secure: We take great satisfaction in prioritizing the security and safety of our gamers.

Quick Withdrawals: You may easily access your money whenever you want.

Player Protection: To ensure that your money is always secure, we keep player monies in separate accounts.

Game Integrity: Our Pokerstars clone software takes pride in our hard-earned, third-party confirmed reputation for offering a fair and honest game.


PokerStars Clone App 

The PokerStars clone app is a mobile software that imitates the functionality of the original PokerStars platform. It can be used to create a platform for playing poker. Users of the online version are not eligible for bonuses and promotions that are occasionally restricted to the PokerStars clone app for iOS and Android users. Our PokerStars clone software becomes even more advantageous to obtain more rewards.

Dappsfirm offers incredible betting app development that is driven by cutting-edge technology to set your app apart from the competition. Users all around the world use the many award-winning gaming applications that our talented team of mobile app developers built.


Revenue Factor of Our Pokerstars Clone Script

Game Selection: The popularity and variety of Pokerstars games on the site are essential for drawing in new customers and keeping existing ones. Offering a large selection of captivating, excellent games raises player engagement and profits.

Transaction Fees: Our Pokerstars clone scripts usually charge transaction fees for deposits, withdrawals, or particular kinds of transactions. The whole income stream of the platform may come from these fees.

VIP Programs: Putting in place VIP programs with exclusive benefits might entice players to spend more money on the website. Increased wagering from valuable players or VIP membership fees can also lead to revenue development.


Why Choose Dappsfirm for Pokerstars Clone Script Development?

Perhaps playing poker will make us more enthusiastic, but what if we also played other casino games? The exact exceptional donations will be made public. Pokerstars introduces us to the confusing world of the largest real money online poker dynamic game platforms. Dappsfirm focuses only on the design and development of the Pokerstars clone script and sheds insight on the creation of metaverse gambling platforms. Our team comprises dynamic blockchain developers and experienced game designers with vast perspectives to tackle any gaming project with ease. Contact us right now to customize your Pokerstars platform to your specifications.

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