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Want a Play-to-Earn game like Pixelverse? Dappsfirm's pixelverse clone script provides NFT integration, PvP battles & more. Get started today !


Pixelverse is a cyberpunk video game environment that includes missions, combat, and robot modification options. Its development involved team members from Zerion, Trust, Binance NFT, Cross The Ages, and Binance listing.It uses procedural generation technology and an EVM L1 blockchain enabling third-party growth to build the largest, most accessible 2D universe.

But what if you were able to take advantage of this opportunity and design your own Play-to-Earn project? The Pixelverse clone script is now open. With this creative fix, you can create a Telegram game that is very similar to Pixelverse, including the ability to add your special twist and NFT capabilities.


What is Pixelverse Clone Script?

Pixelverse Clone Script is the ready-made source code for the popular Tap to Earn telegram game Pixelverse, with all of the same functions and features, as well as NFT integration, decentralization, wallet compatibility, and an intriguing cyberpunk aesthetic.

 With the support of our Pixelverse clone script, investors can introduce their Tap to Earn and Play to Earn gaming platforms with blockchain integration, much like Pixelverse. Strong fundamental gameplay components combined with an immersive gaming environment may be experienced by users.


What Are The Reasons To Go For Tap-To-Earn Games Like Pixelverse?

  • In-game elements including daily tasks, referral programs, and upgrade options increase player retention.
  • Investor activity highlights this new gaming sector's obvious potential and development trajectory.
  • Interest in these games among investors is rising. For example, Pixelverse received $5.5 million from venture capitalists.
  • It is possible to acquire in-game currency, albeit it is rarely acknowledged due to the retention focus.
  • Quick and inexpensive transfers from TON guarantee fluid gaming. 
  • Your earned cryptocurrency is also safe and transportable owing to TON's secure storage. Your actions in-game now have actual repercussions.


Features of our Pixelverse clone script

Integration of web3 and blockchain amenities: In our Pixelverse clone script you can build and integrated with web3 and blockchain technology to generate unique NFTs for each bot and enable players to upgrade, buy, and swap their digital assets.

 Play PvE Battles: Guide independent contractors through difficult confrontations so they can gain experience and useful equipment in our Pixelcerse clone software.

 Arena fights (PvP): Both PvE and PvP arena fights feature difficult interactions and risky "Risk to Earn" games in which the winners take home all of the pooled tokens.

 Quest System: You can also Take part in daily quests that test and deepen your grasp of the game.

 Building Robots: Use your imagination to create, build, and improve mechanical warriors in the bot workshop in our Pixelverse clone software.

Cutting-edge technology: Our Pixelverse clone script provides a safe gaming environment, powered by blockchain.

Story-Driven NFTs: In addition to discovering Xenon's backstory and exposing hidden dangers, players may access NFTs to unlock new missions. Their choices also influence the game's story.


Pixelverse clone script Advanced NFT

  • Dynamic NFTs: Bots gain abilities based on their experiences.
  • Effects of Environment: Bots adjust to regularly visited areas.
  •  Mission-various Gear as NFTs: Obtain customized equipment for various tasks.
  •  NFT-Based Clan Systems: Clans benefit from special NFTs.
  •  Using NFTs for Strategic Building: Establish bases in key places.
  •  Control Territories: Gain control over important areas with specific NFTs.
  •  NFTs That Shape the Story: Unlock missions exploring Xenon's past.
  •  Influence the Story: Make decisions influencing the game's storyline.


Prospects for Revenue Generation With Our Pixelverse Clone Software:

Airdrops: PIXFI tokens can be given out via this game's airdrop campaign to players who finish a variety of missions and activities and make their avatars.

NFT Marketplace: You can set up a marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade exclusive in-game NFTs (non-fungible tokens), such as character skins or in-game merchandise. As a result, transaction fees are produced, fostering an economy driven by players.

Limited daily earnings: You might put a daily cap on free currency earnings to encourage customers to upgrade to a premium tier so they can optimize their earning possibilities.

Token Utility: Trading, crafting, and combat are the major uses for tokens; burning tokens preserves their worth by lowering their supply.

Marketplace Dynamics: The trade center allows for the purchase, sale, and exchange of bots and products, while token burning assures a steady economy.

Monetizing Creativity and Effort: Real rewards involve transforming digital achievements into tangible rewards, while economic opportunities involve earning tokens through trading and participation.


Why choose Dappsfirm for the Pixelverse clone script? 

To launch your Pixelverse clone software more quickly, use our existing solution rather than beginning from scratch. Dappsfirm is the leading Tap-to-Earn game development company, we can customize the platform to match your specific needs and interests. Utilizing the most cutting-edge tools and technologies on the market, we have extensive expertise in developing and releasing these games. If you would like further information about our ready-made Tap-to-Earn Crypto Games clone solution,  contact us now!

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