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Develop your PixelTap-inspired Telegram game! dappsfirm offers a pixeltap clone script with points, fights & referrals.


The world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is always changing and new trends appear quickly. A notable trend that is gaining momentum is Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming. A well-known P2E game on Telegram, Pixel Tap by Pixel Verse has drawn a lot of players in with its straightforward yet addicting gameplay and opportunity to win prizes. 

Pixel Tap game clone scripts are an appealing option for business owners wishing to take advantage of this fascinating potential. Let's first explore what these Pixel Tap clone scripts are and how they will help your business, though, before getting started.


What is PixelTap?

In the telegram-based clicker game PixelTap Build on Ton Blockchain, users can accrue in-game points by taking part in different activities. A tap-to-mine method in the game lets users collect points every eight hours. Players can also take part in PvP Matches to increase their point total.  In addition, the game features a referral system that offers you a passive income stream by paying you a share of the money your referrals make.

What is a Pixel Tap Clone Script?

A Pixel Tap clone script is a pre-made software solution that duplicates the fundamental functionality of the original Tap ro earn game Pixel Tap. With little effort and money, you can launch your own Telegram-based game by customizing our Pixel Tap clone script to create a one-of-a-kind P2E experience.


Key Features of Our PixelTap clone script

  • Built-in Tapping Bot: Use the automated tapping bot to earn money every eight hours. Click the "Claim" button at any moment to retrieve your money.
  • PVP Fighting System: Take part in PVP fights in real-time. To improve your chances of winning, use the coins you've earned to level up and enhance your character similar to Pixel tap.
  • Daily Rewards & Tasks: Engage in daily activities such as following X accounts, Discord channels, and Telegram channels to earn coins.
  • Leaderboard Rankings: Based on the quantity of referrals, compete with other players for the top rankings.
  • Chat Functionality: Our Pixel Tap clone script includes a chat feature in the Telegram environment so that users may communicate and form communities.


Benefits of Using a Pixel Tap Clone Script:

Faster Time-to-Market: Pixel Tap Clone scripts cut down on development time by removing the necessity to start the game from scratch. This enables you to swiftly profit from the present P2E trend.

Cost-effective: It could prove costly to create a game from the bottom up. A more affordable option for breaking into the P2E business is through clone scripts.

Customization Options: Pixel Tap clone scripts allow you to customize the game's overall gameplay, rewards structure, and visual appeal to your preference.

Robust Gameplay Mechanics: Pixel Tap's primary gameplay loop, which involves tapping to gain rewards, is effective. You can implement this well-established technique in your own game by using our Pixel Tap clone script.


Pixel Tap clone app

A Pixel Tap clone app is a mobile application built with a pre-written codebase that duplicates the fundamental functionality of the original Pixel Tap game. Our script at Dappsfirm gives you the starting point to build your own P2E experience, letting you personalize the features, appearance, and feel to differentiate yourself from competitors.


Beyond the Script: Build a Sustainable P2E Business

Although it's a useful tool, a Pixel Tap clone script is only one part of the jigsaw. Here are some other elements to think about to have a profitable P2E business:

  • Tokenomics: Create a long-lasting token economy for your game that will reward players and provide value over time.
  • Marketing and User Acquisition: Create a plan to draw in gamers and create a vibrant gaming community.
  • Compliance: Keep abreast of all applicable laws about P2E gaming and cryptocurrencies.


White-label Pixel Tap clone software

White-label Pixel Tap clone software, you can customize and rebrand the Pixel Tap, which offers essential gaming features along with customizable themes, images, and names. Dappsfirm provides white-label solutions and is an expert in blockchain technology. You may modify our pre-built software packages to make your own Pixel Tap-inspired P2E game.


Revenue of  our Pixel Tap clone script 

  • In-app purchases: To improve user experience and revenue, sell power-ups, boosters, and other features.
  • Market Fees: Set up a marketplace where users may purchase and sell in-game goods, with a commission being taken out of each deal.
  • Model of Subscription: Provide premium memberships with special advantages and increased income possibilities.


Why Dappsfirm for developing Play-to-Earn games like Pixel Tap?

Dappsfirm, a leading Play-to-Earn game creation business, can help you create a one-of-a-kind swipe-to-earn game with their sophisticated Pixel Tap Clone Script. We provide you with the tools and expertise to support you along the development process, ensuring that your game is flawless, secure, and ready to take the blockchain gaming industry by storm. Always do due diligence and consider your level of risk tolerance before engaging in any cryptocurrency-related activity. You could benefit from early adopter Status by using our Pixel Tap Clone Script. Create a game that offers both amusement and real financial potential. We design a game that attracts players and generates revenue regularly.


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