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Build your own play-to-earn RPG game like Nine Chronicles with Dappsfirm's Nine Chronicles clone script.


A fantasy massively multiplayer online game is called Nine Chronicles. With state-of-the-art equipment, players can create a customizable adventure to construct, rule, and navigate dangerous dungeons. Concentrate on drafting laws or getting support for others. Our blog delves into the features and benefits of the Nine Chronicles clone script, offering an enthralling glimpse into a realm of boundless possibilities and excitement. 


Nine Chronicles Clone Script

The Nine Chronicles clone script is a pre-made software replicating blockchain games' features and operations such as Nine Chronicles. Dappsfirm provides enterprises with blockchain game development services. Our Nine Chronicles clone script provides advanced solutions that can be quickly implemented to begin generating cash in the cutthroat game industry. 


Features of our Nine Chronicles clone script 

Taking On Other Players: Gamers can challenge other players by using tickets to initiate combat. Players receive components that they may utilize to build one-time use enhancements in addition to the glory.

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG): The primary form of payment in the Nine Chronicles universe is Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG). Gamers can trade with other players, challenge one another, make strong things, and speed up advancement using NCG. 

Trading Goods: NCG is used to buy and sell goods on the open market. Any player who lists goods on the market will receive payment when a different person buys them. 

Crafting Items: Three or more material combinations necessitate the usage of NCG however, NCG is not needed to build items with fewer than two components. 

Levels: There are 50 levels in the Nine Chronicles realm, and the boss of every world Yggdrasil, Alfheim, Svartalfheim, Asgard, Muspelfheim, and Jotunheim can be found in the 50th stage.

Rewards: Players can receive from the World Boss through battle rewards, battle grade rewards, boss kill rewards, and season rewards. Battle rewards are given immediately after a battle, while battle-grade rewards are given every time a player advances to the next grade. Boss kill rewards vary based on participation and rank, while season rewards vary based on ranking and monster collection levels. 


Whitelabel Nine Chronicles clone software

White-label Nine Chronicles clone software is feature-rich and can be customized to meet your business requirements. We are the pioneer in developing MMORPG games and we provide the greatest choices for creating the perfect Nine Chronicles clone with the characteristics you state. Our experts can determine what your company needs and get the outcomes you need to build your brand. 


Items in the Nine Chronicles clone script are divided into:

  •  Material Items: Rewards earned through fighting in the Campaign and Arena. Used for Crafting requirements and consumables items, Drop rates vary based on rarity and utility. 
  • Equipment Items: Items players can craft, upgrade, and trade in the Nine Chronicles world. Provide stat values and aid in overcoming challenges. 
  • Item Crafting: Unique NFT items can be created by unlocking recipes by defeating stages in the campaign. Each item’s recipe page is divided into Basic, Premium, and Minmir Versions. 
  •  Item Upgrading: Items are upgraded by placing them in the Crafting Queue, with Hourglasses allowing faster completion.
  • Consumables: Crucial for increasing combat stats in Campaign Stages. Materials for crafting Consumable recipes can be found in the Arena.


Why do we need Nine Chronicles clone?

  • No controls are required throughout the battle, allowing players to watch the battle as it happens.
  • Experience points and character strength are available if the player prevails.
  • The rewards tab provides information on upcoming challenges and materials needed for each stage.
  • Stage completion also reveals new content like the market, workshop, elemental stages, and PvP battle arena.
  • Despite defeat, players can still gain experience and materials.
  •  Leveling up or understanding enemy patterns can help equip stronger gear.
  • Clicking the Main button allows players to choose tools and supplies for the stage adventure.
  • The game uses "Action Power" in each action, with the prosperity meter glowing red to refill the action power.


Revenue generation ways

Subscription Models: Implement subscription-based services for premium features and updates.

Cross-promotion and Partnerships: Take part in cross-promotional efforts by working together with other game creators.

Advertisement Integration: Include non-obtrusive advertisements in the UI of the game.

DLCs and Expansion Packs: Release downloadable content or expansion packs for players to purchase.

Loot Boxes or Gacha Systems: Implement randomized loot boxes or gacha systems for rare or valuable items.

Crowdfunding Campaigns:  Launch campaigns on platforms like Kickstarter or Patreon for ongoing development or new features.


Benefits of our Nine Chronicles clone script

  • Customization Options: We allow users to personalize the game.
  • Cost-Efficiency: We Reduce development time and resources.
  • Scalability: we provide design for future updates and expansions.
  • Support and Updates: We also ensures compatibility with new devices and industry standards.
  • Learning and Experimentation: Our Nine Chronicles clone script offers valuable insights.


Why prefer Dappsfirm for the Nine Chronicles clone script?

Dappsfirm has a strong worldwide customer and has broadened the scope of its MMORPG game development services. Our team has been creating fintech apps for more than ten years and we have a special method for developing and fulfilling customer requirements. We will complete the Mine Chronicles clone script on time and within budget. Our Nine Chronicles clone software is an exact duplicate of the popular blockchain-based MMORPG Nine Chronicles. Our script incorporates every feature that Nine Chronicles presently provides. Entrepreneurs who have this ready to go can launch play-to-earn similar games like Nine chronicles.

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