Motodex Clone Script - Start Your Own NFT Racing Game Platform

Create your own blockchain racing game like Motodex with Dappsfirm's Motodex clone script. Capture the NFT gaming market with high-speed tracks and riders.


Motodex Clone Script

MotoDEX clone script is a ready-made software solutions to creating a motorcycle racing game like MotoDEX. It's built on blockchain technology, so players own in-game items (NFTs) and can earn rewards. This motodex game clone script helps you launch your own game quickly, with features like character selection, racing mechanics, and secure financial transactions.


Overview of Motodex

Among various blockchain games in the markets, Motodex has gained popularity and keeps drawing in millions of users. MotoDEX is a free-to-play online racing game that features multiple levels of motorcycle racing on fast tracks, offering players endless possibilities. Because of its apparent benefits, the game has become rather popular in the NFT industry. 


Features of Our Motodex Clone script

Our Motodex clone script has multiple features that can align your business needs. Some of the important amenities are as follows:

  • Character choosing is simple, and gameplay is intuitive. Colorful settings, fast-paced racing, and a straightforward storyline are all inherited.
  • As smart contracts are implemented, the Financial transactions are protected in a closed manner. The players' available funds are tracked, updated, and generated automatically by the algorithm. 
  • Investors are assured of an advantage in terms of monetizing game advancement.
  • Extreme profit potential combined with high liquidity. Players can choose to increase their gameplay investment at the beginning. 


White Label Motodex Clone software

White Label motodex clone software is the 100% customizable solution with all features and functionalities as in the existing platform. According to the business requirements, the platform can be designed incorporating all amenities that help in endeavoring further. It allows entrepreneurs to easily establish their own motodex game clone without having to start from scratch and can be customized and marketed.


Game Objects included in Our Motodex clone script

There are important 3 attributes included as follows:

  • Game characters are animated motorcyclist avatars representing the player in competition.There are 7 characters as below:
  1. Red Buller
  2. Zebra Grrrr
  3. Metal eyes
  4. Rono horse
  5. Brown killer
  6. Magic box
  7. Crazy line
  • Tracks are locations where competitions take place. Players have access to tracks with a background of such world famous locations.
  • Health capsules are items for restoring the vitality of game characters.


Mechanics of the Motodex clone gameplay:

  • The track owner opens his obstacle course to other players in the game. Players have to wager in order to compete on another person's NFT object. 
  • The track owner determines the initial bet threshold.The track's level directly affects the minimum bet amount.
  • Once the player selects the game location and places a wager, the game on the track begins.
  • The NFT character must be present in order to begin playing on the track.
  • Keeping your character safe, outpacing other genuine players on the track, and shattering previous records are the goals of the gameplay.

Achievements in games are noted in the relevant smart contract.


Why choose Dappsfirm for the Motodex clone script?

Dappsfirm is the leading blockchain game development company having  a group of developers who are very knowledgeable about blockchain technology. By utilizing our expertise and effective development procedures, we aim to deliver your motodex clone script quickly without sacrificing their quality. As a result, you can take advantage of chances and enter the market sooner. To protect your game and user data, our development processes place a high priority on strong security measures.

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