Lykke Clone Script - Launch Your Own Crypto trading platform like Lykke

Dappsfirm's Lykke clone script allows you to create a secure & feature-rich crypto exchange like Lykke. Start your own crypto empire today!


Lykke Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Switzerland that provides financial services and products to individuals and companies. Olsen is well-known for having transformed currency data with his prior venture, Oanda, a renowned online forex broker for Lykke and users can exchange a variety of cryptocurrencies for fiat money. 

If you’re thinking of starting a cryptocurrency exchange like Lykke? Why must you hold off? 

With our ready-made Lykke clone script that offers exceptional functionality and strong security features, launch your Cryptocurrency exchange company. Now, let’s take a closer look at the Lykke clone script.


Understanding the Reasons for Lykke's Increasing Prominence in the Present Day.

Lykke provides a comprehensive, free cryptocurrency trading platform with minimal buy-sell spreads and no trading costs. We pay your fiat deposit and withdrawal costs, allowing you to use Lykke to trade cryptocurrency for free. Enjoy strong liquidity, competitive spreads, and superior security owning to AML and KYC compliance requirements. 

First of all, it makes it possible for newcomers to benefit from the market and user base that Lykke has accumulated over time.  

Above all, it offers opportunities for customization and scalability to your company's requirements, ensuring that your platform can grow and adapt in tandem with the quickly changing cryptocurrency exchange industry. 


Lykke clone script

Lykke clone script is a well-tested and ready-made clone script of the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Lykke. Lykke clone script employs some cutting-edge security measures, such as offline cold wallets, to protect customer data and privacy in addition to their money. Business owners and entrepreneurs can quickly and efficiently launch their crypto trading platform that is comparable to Lykke by using Dappsfirm’s Lykke clone software. With our help, you can quickly become extremely wealthy by managing a safe cryptocurrency exchange like Lykke.


Users can enjoy a wide range of benefits with our Lykke clone script

  • Our Lykke clone script offers various funding options.
  •  No fees are charged.
  •  Secure platform.
  •  Supports fiat currency deposits.
  •  Offers zero percent commission and tight spreads.
  •  Provides instant settlement and ownership of virtual assets.
  •  Offers its token, Lykke coin (LKK), with a 1/100th share value.
  •  Supports the US dollar, Swiss franc, and Bitcoin (BTC).
  •  Allows trading in precious metals, forex, cryptocurrencies, and stocks via LKK.


Lykke clone wallet

  •  Tradeable assets include commodities, forex pairs, and colored tokens.
  •  Remote wallet disabling for lost or stolen devices.
  •  Transactions can be facilitated with a pin.
  •  Private key importation for secure transactions.
  •  Fund management, portfolio viewing, and transaction history management.
  •  Margin trading and free crypto trade execution via wallet.


Whitelabel Lykke Clone Software

With our Whitelabel Lykke clone software, business owners can easily customize the program to build their own branded cryptocurrency trading platform. A superior option is provided by Dappsfirm, which provides white-label Lykke clone software that is customizable and free of bugs, building its brand and identity to meet your company's demands. 


Features of Our Lykke clone script 

  • Our Lykke clone script accepts various payment methods including American Express, cryptocurrency deposit, Giropay, iDEAL, JCB, Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, PaySec, POLi, Post 24, etc.
  •  We Provide third-party API integration for cryptocurrency users to design automated trading plans.
  • Our Lykke clone script includes a cryptocurrency wallet for secure asset management.
  •  We offer 24/7 mobile trading facilities with functional Android and iOS apps.
  •  No trading fees or commissions, making it a preferred choice for traders.
  •  Profits from consulting, issuance, and market liquidity services.
  •  Adheres to AML legislation and KYC protocols, requiring user proof of identity before trading.
  •  Here, our Lykke clone script Offers 'colored tokens' representing the value of traded assets, which are replaced if hacked.
  •  Provides multi-signature wallets with two authenticating signatures for extra security.
  •  Our Lykke clone script offers exceptional customer support via landline calls, live chat, email, or Skype.
  • ATTMO is a weather-inspired program that produces powerful crypto trading signals to assist traders in maximizing transaction timing and increasing profits.


Lykke clone app 

Lykke clone app refers to the process of developing a platform that is similar to Lykke. This can mean duplicating every feature, functional component, and user interface of the original application into a new one. Moreover, the success of Lykke clone software cannot be guaranteed because client acquisition, effective marketing, and ongoing maintenance are still required to attract and retain users. With our Lykke clone software, users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world.


Enhance the ease of cryptocurrency trading by registering and initiating your exchange platform.

Make a report: To go on to the next step, visit the appropriate website, choose "create an account," and provide the necessary details.

Lay down cash: Choose the deposit option to transfer funds from your bank account to your Lykke clone account or any other cryptocurrency exchange. Trade once you have read every detail about the trading pairs on the exchange interface.

Purchase, sell, and preserve: Both buyers and sellers are free to bargain over the conditions of the deal, and sellers may consider the option of a "quick sale" to receive the best market prices. Depending on their demands, users of the site can make use of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and local cash.


What makes Dappsfirm the ideal choice for developing cryptocurrency exchanges such as Lykke?

Dappsfirm is a top-notch cryptocurrency exchange development firm with a committed development team that creates excellent projects. Using state-of-the-art technology, our Lykke-prepared script offers solutions fit for a corporation. We maintain our clients' interests by providing them with long-term, mutually beneficial business support and project maintenance services. With their experience, our skilled team will create a cryptocurrency business strategy for you that will be more successful.

Grab the opportunity to create a platform that satisfies the expanding need for digital asset trading while providing your target market with a unique value proposition.


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