How To Create A Crypto Casino Game Like BC.Game? A Beginner's Guide

Easy guide on how to build your own crypto casino game like BC.Game with advanced features.


BC.Game, a leading crypto-focused casino and gambling platform, has millions of gamblers across the globe. The platform has reached 50K  downloads with huge user support. What makes users more curious about BC.Game?

The business model of BC.Game is quite impressive which has made several entrepreneurs think about how to develop a crypto casino and betting platform like BC.Game. Do you have an idea to create a crypto casino gambling platform like BC.Game, then you need a team of exemplary developers.

Dapssfirm is the most reputed crypto casino app development company that can materialize your gaming business by making a casino platform like BC.Game. Our BC.Game clone script is integrated with best-in-class features and innovative technologies.

Here, we can guide you on how to make a crypto casino platform like BC.Game with Dappsfirm through simple steps. Before we start the development process, we need to understand why we need to create a casino gaming platform like BC.Game and how far the gaming platform is successful in the market.

Why Develop a Crypto Casino Like BC.Game?

  • BC.Game is the high-demand online crypto casino gaming platform that covers more than 30 countries and it is available in 10+ languages
  • BC.Game allow players to deposit using 90+ cryptocurrencies
  • BC.Game’s revenue has reached <$5 Million.
  • BC.Game offers an exchange to swap your altcoin for BTC, ETH, or DOGE.

Easy steps to create a crypto casino game like BC.Game with Dappsfirm?

Creating a crypto casino game like BC.Game needs more dedication toward the online casino and gambling business. Dappsfirm supports startups who need more learning about the gambling industry. We give multiple options to create a crypto casino game like BC.Game.

  • Build the app from scratch
  • Get the ready-to-launch BC.Game Clone Script

These two methods have their pros and cons and users can choose the best method that suits their business requirements and budget. Launch a premium BC.Game like Casino with cutting-edge technology.

Create the crypto casino game from scratch

Dappsfirm has a team of trained impeccable developers who can meet your requirements and can create a crypto casino game like BC.Game with all similar functions and features. Players can get an intuitive gaming service with 100% customization and scalability. Our team of experts gets you a more secure and efficient platform.

Readymade BC.Game Clone Script

Dappsfirm has an excellent ready-to-deploy BC.Game Clone PHP script, with a pre-developed solution to have an engaging casino and betting app. Our script is readily integrated with features and comes with a unique business model. After dynamic market research and players understanding, our team has created the right tech solution that will connect your gamers with all top trending features.

With our ready-to-launch blockchain casino game clone script that is integrated with all popular revenue models, you can easily transform your gaming platform into a fruitful business. Through our BC.Game clone PHP script we assure our clients to get the 100% whitelabel solution.

Awesome features are involved in building a crypto casino like BC.Game

Our BC.Game clone script is built with next-gen technologies and features that will ensure the crypto casino gaming platform has a seamless business operation. Apart from focusing on user-centric features, we also spotlight on admin features and many admin-focused tools.

  • Easy login
  • Eye-catching user interface
  • Privacy settings
  • Push notification
  • User-friendly landing page
  • Super-admin control
  • 100+ Cryptocurrency Integration
  • 100% Transparency
  • Implement immutable smart contracts
  • Wide range of casino games
  • Random Number Generators
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Affiliate and Referral Programs
  • And more

Cost to develop a Crypto Casino Game like BC.Game with Dappsfirm

Dappsfirm offers all the above-mentioned features to users and they are also allowed for customization. Now you may think about the cost of developing a crypto casino game like BC.Game. We come up with a cost-effective solution as we can understand your business needs and will suggest the necessary features and tools to have a seamless game functioning.

Do you want to know how much it costs to create a cryptocurrency casino similar to BC.Game? Simply give us a call and share your product features, desired add-on functions, design, advanced technology, and a lot more. We will provide you with an accurate cost estimate for developing a BC.Game-like cryptocurrency casino gambling platform.

Get the support of Dappsfirm, a gaming expert, to create a crypto casino game similar to BC.Game

Finding the best crypto casino game development partner is the most difficult task for every user. Real success depends on how effectively your development partner understands your business demand. We suggest Dappsfirm, a renowned provider of crypto casino game development services with more than ten years of industry experience, to streamline your development process.

Why Choose Dappsfirm?

  • 100% Customized Solutions
  • Extensive domain knowledge.
  • A crew of highly qualified developers.
  • Protect your business with an NDA.
  • Innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies.
  • innovative enhanced products.
  • Free Live Demo
  • 24/7 customer support.

What else do you need? It's time to start working with the Dappsfirm team and building a cryptocurrency casino like BC.Game and rock the gambling industry.

Is your business ready for digital transformation?

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