What Is Hamster Kombat? A Complete Guide to the Trending Telegram Crypto Game

Learn how to play Hamster Kombat, the viral crypto game where you manage a hamster-powered exchange on Telegram.


The biggest new Telegram game is Hamster Kombat.The tap-to-earn category of cryptocurrency games has gained attention because of the growing popularity of the Notcoin app, which is based on Telegram. Recently, Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) another play-to-earn game based on Telegram has gained popularity in the GameFi industry. Each particular in this clicker game can control their virtual cryptocurrency exchange by tapping to increase their coin count and completing different chores and activities to increase their revenue. The project’s intended native currency will eventually be used to redeem virtual coins that have accumulated in the game. Around 78 million gamers have accumulated a strong user base for Hamster Kombat as of early June 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • Players assume the cryptocurrency exchange CEO role
  • Aim to earn virtual crypto coins by tapping on the screen and completing tasks.
  • Over 30 million active daily users as of June 2024.
  • Hamster Kombat announces reaching 100 million users, a significant milestone. 
  • This represents only 1.234% of the global population.
  • On the TON blockchain, the group intends to introduce its coin, HMSTR.


Getting Started with Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is a popular Telegram game that features a hamster CEO running a fictional crypto exchange in virtual exchange. The game aims to grow the startup by investing in marketing, licenses, Talent, and new products. With a promising token launch and airdrop on the Open Network, the game has attracted millions of players due to its simple gameplay, strategic depth, and potential real-world rewards.


Delving into the aspects that influenced the widespread recognition of Hamster Kombat.

Hamster Kombat's extremely captivating gameplay and positive word-of-mouth buzz are the main causes of its viral popularity. To earn rewards and accelerate the pumping of their hamsters, players have to extend invitations to their pals. Initially, each player was sharing it with about three pals, but as the game gained popularity, that number shot up to fifteen shares per player. This growth has been accelerated by the features of the game that encourage others to participate.

This explains why Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) is becoming more and more popular:

  •  Easy access without extra apps.
  •  Game economy with cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • Social media campaigns and airdrops are used for viral marketing.
  •  An active, engaged community built through interactive and social features.


Get acquainted with the instructions for playing Hamster Kombat.

  •  Similar to Notcoin, players can become CEOs of a crypto exchange by shaving their hamsters.
  •  In-game points can be used to purchase "Boosts" that increase stats.
  •  Six times a day, free daily boosters can be claimed.
  •  Points can be used to upgrade the exchange in the "Mine" tab.
  •  Upgrades include adding coins like Bitcoin, setting up a KYC process, and attending the Joe Rogan podcast.
  •  Upgrades that add a BTC pair to the exchange, for example, passively generate extra coins.


Key Features of Our Hamster Kombat

Game Mode: Multiplayer: Engage in online multiplayer combat with friends or players worldwide.

Play-to-Earn Model:  Battles and in-game chores may be completed to earn HMSTR coins.

Daily Offer for Combos: Invest in certain daily improvements to get 5 million in-game coins.

NFT Perspective: All of the hamsters in the game can be purchased and sold on the market as NFTs.

Simulating the Real Crypto Market: Control an online exchange for cryptocurrencies that replicates the dynamics of the real thing.

Referral Framework: Invite friends to play the game to get extra incentives.

Characters of Adorable Hamsters: Select from a range of adorable hamster characters, each possessing special powers.

Personalization Choices: Add various gadgets, weaponry, and clothing to make your hamster uniquely yours.

Fierce Combat: Battle in frantic matches in complex, obstacle-filled venues.


Hamster Kombat Airdrop 

Hamster Kombat just announced an airdrop on The Open Network (TON), although the dates are yet to be confirmed. During the airdrop, players who accrue in-game cash will get actual, transferable cryptocurrency tokens. The purpose of this event is to promote more game involvement and reward active players in virtual exchange. 

The airdrop allows users to convert their in-game achievements into real-world worth by converting coins into marketable tokens. Play continues to be motivated by incentives, which increases engagement. The awards can also be applied to improve game standing and trades.


Explore the world of Hamster Kombat Daily Combo!

With daily incentives for active players, the Daily Combo is one of the most profitable elements in Hamster Kombat. Every day, you may get an additional 5 million free in-game coins by taking part in the Daily Combo.


 Steps to Take Part in the Daily Combo

  •  Announces daily upgrades.
  •  Reward earned by buying or leveling upgrades.
  •  Daily quests vary. One can see examples such as "CEO," "ETH pairs," and "License Nigeria."


A Guide to Earning Daily Combo Rewards

  • Select the "Mine" option after opening the little program..
  •  Find required upgrades under Markets, PR & Team, Legal, and Specials.
  •  Purchase or upgrade these items before combo resets for 5 million coins.
  •  Daily Combo boosts in-game treasury, and passive earnings, and positions the player for token airdrop.


Simplifying the Conversion and Withdrawal of Hamster Kombat Coins

During the airdrop, you can exchange the in-game currency you acquire by following the above instructions for HMSTR tokens. This is how you do it:

  •  Link your TON wallet to your Hamster Kombat account.
  • Opt for a TON-based wallet such as Tonkeeper or the integrated wallet with Telegram.
  • Follow game instructions to convert coins to tokens.
  •  Use a TON-based wallet like Tonkeeper to manage and withdraw $HMSTR coins.
  •  Sell HMSTR tokens directly after listing on exchanges.
  •  Stay updated with game announcements for airdrop and token listing timings.


Explore the advantages of incorporating Daily Combo and Daily Cipher into your routine.

There are numerous long-term benefits of using the Daily Combo and Daily Cipher to increase your profits.

Enhanced Game Progression: You can spend more money on superior improvements to boost your company's growth and elevate your in-game status.

Airdrop Advantage: You can get a competitive advantage during the token airdrop if you earn more in-game. This might result in more substantial perks. Like Notcoin, you may receive an early bird advantage by accumulating additional coins that may be exchanged for cryptocurrency once Hamster tokens are introduced on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Enhanced Passive Income: Investing your money on improvements regularly will increase your passive income and cause it to expand gradually over time. This passive income helps in funding continued investments and development.


A Sneak Peek into the Future of Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat has a lot of potential as it expands into the tap-to-earn gaming market. With over 60 million players in just three months since its debut, the game has been very successful, demonstrating both its allure and the need for cutting-edge gaming experiences on platforms like Telegram. Its captivating tap-to-earn mechanisms and the prospect of material gains through tokenomics and upcoming airdrops have propelled its growth. 

 Hamster Kombat is positioned to benefit from the growing ecosystem of decentralized apps thanks to its integration with the TON network and other blockchain technologies. The maintenance of player confidence and engagement depends on this connection's improvement of transaction security and transparency. The game's value and appeal to a wider audience might be greatly increased by the developers' plans to add new features and updates, including possible expansions into NFT and Metaverse regions. 


Wrapping up 

Hamster Kombat  (HMSTR) can set a standard for cryptographic games given its increasing popularity. To keep users interested and draw in new gamers, the developers are already working on new features and improvements. The platform's growth may also involve partnerships with other blockchain initiatives and interfaces with other games and services.

An intriguing illustration of how cryptocurrency-based games might develop and flourish on networks such as Telegram is Hamster Kombat. This game has caught the interest of many and is expected to continue expanding in the upcoming months due to its unique blend of entertainment, innovation, and financial prospects. If you're interested in cryptocurrency or simply looking for a fun new game to play, Hamster could be the perfect choice. 


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