DeFi Kingdoms Clone Script To Create A Cross-chain Fantasy RPG Game with DeFi protocols

DeFi Kingdmos clone with trendiest inclusions. Get ready to acquire a competitive advantage in your cross-chain fantasy RPG game with our DeFi kingdoms clone script


DeFi Kingdoms Clone Script 

DeFi Kingdoms Clone Script is a pre-made solution that is the replication of DeFi Kingdoms with its features and functionalities. It seeks to give users a rich and engaging experience within the DeFi ecosystem and relies on the Ethereum blockchain. At DappsFirms, you can play a cross-chain fantasy role-playing game with the DeFi Kingdoms Clone Script. Create your own DeFi Platform like DeFi Kingdoms with our DeFi Kingdoms Clone Script. 

What is DeFi Kingdoms?

A blockchain game called DeFi Kingdoms mixes decentralized finance and play-to-earn on the Harmony ONE network. It appears to be a decentralized trading platform similar to Uniswap and Pancakeswap on the surface layer. However, players can engage with it by employing gameplay elements like beckoning heroes and owning items, plots of land, and buildings to increase yields. 


DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL) is now trading at $0.140641 with a 24-hour dealing volume of $64,615.87. This price increase of 0.66% over the previous 24 hours and a 16.93% increase over previous week. With 71 million JEWEL in circulation, DeFi Kingdoms has a market valuation of $10,062,510. 

JEWEL token and its uses - Jewel token is a governance token for DeFi Kingdoms which can be spent to buy exclusive NFTs such as kingdoms and heroes as well as many in-game enthusiasts like regaining stamina and accelerating development times. The NFTs are used for liquidity, mining, and allowing traders to make money through staking, while jewel tokens are used for in-game items. It is important to the game since it is obtained by traders through the staking of liquidity pool tokens for Rare NFTs and other valuables. 

Crystal and JADE - CRYSTAL and JADE are the power tokens that can be used for in-game transactions like buying and minting on the Crystalvale and Serendale worlds. 

Collectible Hero NFTs - Collectable Hero NFTs can be dispatched on missions to gain in-game materials for crafting or early unlocking of pool rewards. They have various utility cases. They level up to improve their combat activities in upcoming PvP and PvE stages. A limited number of acres will be available for development, resource harvesting, and the production of NFT gear. 

Features of DeFi Kingdoms clone

  • Pool-To JEWEL-UP for mining in the liquidity farming pools, an LP pair must be created. 
  • Gardens-Liquidity must be added to the Gardens in order to unlock JEWEL token awards. 
  • Swap-Swap tokens include the tokens JEWEL and CRYSTAL. 
  • Jeweler -Earn Jeweller staking rewards. 
  • Heroes-Every hero is different in terms of stats, genetics, and rarity. For the purpose of a quest, duel, or summon, two heroes can team up to create a new hero for the realm.
  • Quest-Quests offer the use of Hero NFTs and a chance to acquire in-game tokens. Heroes can level up and gain more stats by completing quests and earning experience points (XP).
  • Pets-Rare pet eggs from PETS quests can be transformed into special pet NFTs. Heroes are helped by pets in the form of benefits. 
  • Duels-Players compete for Raffle Tickets in the multiplayer card game Duels, which increases the likelihood that they may win prizes. 

How does DeFi Kingdoms Clone Works?

DeFi Kingdoms is a cross-chain game with numerous kingdoms, each of which has unique qualities and opportunities for players. Serendale and Crystalvale are two examples of realms, and there will likely be more in the future. 

Harmony version of Serendale - On the Harmony network, Serendale, a decentralized exchange with LP farming potential, was introduced in the DeFi Kingdoms. Then, an Outpost was transformed into Serendale on the Harmony Network. 

(DFK Chain) Crystalvale - The expansion of DeFi Kingdoms on the DFK chain, a subnet of Avalanche, is Crystalvale. New hero classes and a power token called "crystal" are introduced in Crystalvale, opening up a brand-new realm for exploration.

(Klaytn) Serendale 2.0 - Serendale 2.0 is an update to Serendale 1.0 that was released on the Klaytn blockchain with the new power token "Jade," which includes new hero genres and features tailored to the new world. 

Why do you prefer DappsFirm for the DeFi Kingdoms Clone script?

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