Bybit Clone Script: Start Your Crypto Exchange like Bybit Quickly & Easily

Leverage Bybit's features with Dappsfirm's Bybit clone script. Launch your crypto exchange platform quickly & securely.


Bybit is an online platform that facilitates the buying, selling, and trading of 20 cryptos, including AAVE, BTC, BCH, ADA, Chainlink, DOGE, EOS, ETH, ETC, Filecoin, LTC, NEM, DOT, Polygon, XRP, SOLANA, SUSHI, Tezos, and Uniswap, through derivatives and spot trading.

Do you have any plans to start a cryptocurrency exchange like Bybit?

With a pre-made Bybit clone script that offers exceptional functionality and strong security features, you can launch your crypto exchange business right now.

Let us explore the Bybit clone script in further details.


What is Bybit Clone Script?

The Bybit Clone Script is a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange software solution that contains all of Bybit's plugins and essential capabilities.  Dappsfirm provides features at a reasonable price. Our group has created a Bybit clone for nascent businesses looking to introduce a crypto trading platform. We provide a range of price options to accommodate various spending limits.


How does Bybit Clone Script work?

The white label Bybit clone script provides all the necessary information to enable customers to switch without difficulty, and company owners may run their operations with ease. Enrolling in the platform and beginning cryptocurrency trading for large amounts of profit is made as simple as possible for users. The unique workflow is explained as follows:

  •  User registration process: email ID, phone number, and basic information.
  • Identity verification: A 16-digit key for future usage.
  •  Trading is initiated through e-wallet accounts or fiat money.
  •  Crypto pair selection and immediate order placement.
  •  Instant cryptocurrency receipt upon successful bid or ask/bid completion.


Benefits of Our Bybit clone script 

High-Security Focus: Using cold wallet storage and several authentication levels, there is a strong emphasis on security.

24/7 Customer Support: Users can open a support request or use live chat to get in touch with customer service.

Instant verification: It just takes a few minutes to complete the registration and verification procedure.

Low Fees: There are no cryptocurrency deposit fees and minimal withdrawal costs, making the fees extremely cheap in our bybit clone software.

Multiple Products: Using the derivatives platform, users may trade long or short positions with a margin call or spot transaction.

Global Network: Bybit clone script offers a very liquid platform and has over 2 million users globally.

Coin Coverage: Bybit clone script is compatible with twenty of the most well-liked cryptocurrencies available on the market.


White Label ByBit Clone software 

Whitelabel Bybit clone software is a customizable, bug-free software solution that allows you to receive your program based on the specifications you provide. It will demonstrate the brand identity through design and extra features. This strategy lowers the cost of developing cryptocurrency exchanges and speeds up their market debut, allowing business owners to concentrate on expanding their clientele and other endeavors. A White Label ByBit Clone software is also a popular option for new and existing companies looking to enter the crypto exchange industry since it provides features for regulatory compliance, scalability, and continuous support.


Trading Platform of Bybit clone script 

P2P Exchange: Peer-to-peer (P2P) trading allows users to directly trade cryptocurrencies and often involves fiat currencies. 

Spot Trading: It enables cryptocurrency buyers and sellers to transact at the current market price. 

Margin trading: It permits users to expand their trading positions and perhaps boost their return on investment by borrowing cash from the platform. 

Perpetual Contracts:  It offers future contracts with no expiration date, allowing clients to forecast the future price of cryptocurrencies. 

Bybit Clone App

Companies can enhance their cryptocurrency trading platform by hiring us to create custom Bybit clone app. We developed a Bybit clone script that satisfies all starting requirements. With a slick trading interface, it draws customers in with all the essential features including spot trading, leverage trading, OTC dealing, and more.

Partnering with Dappsfirm, who will assist you with launching a Bybit clone mobile app for both iOS and Android, can help you stand out in this crowded market. Allow us to assist you in realizing your vision and achieving your company goals in this quickly changing sector.


Features of Our Bybit clone script 

Security Features of our Bybit Clone Software

Bybit offers several security levels to investors and traders.

  •  Enables 2-factor Authentication (2FA) for withdrawals, password resets, security settings changes, and API management verification.
  •  Requires email authentication for login, withdrawal, and password reset.
  •  Allows SMS Authentication for login, password reset, and security settings changes.
  •  Uses the Account & Security area to view account activities.
  •  Uses HD cold wallet system for client fund safety.


Admin Features og our Bybit clone script

 User Management: Admins may control user accounts, including verification, registration, and suspension, using our Bybit clone script.

 Security Settings: With our Bybit clone script, administrators may control security features like IP whitelisting and two-factor authentication (2FA) requirements.

 Risk Management: Controls platform's exposure by setting position size limitations.

 Trading Pair Management: Allows admins to add, remove, or modify trading pairs based on market demand and liquidity.

 Fee Management: Admins can determine fees for trading, withdrawals, and other transactions using our Bybit clone software.

 Wallet Management: Our Bybit clone software protects user funds by controlling hot and cold storage wallets.


Uses Features of our Bybit clone software

Deposit and Withdrawal

Our Bybit clone software enables rapid and secure deposits and withdrawals for users, with support for various cryptocurrencies.

Community Engagement

This feature encourages networking and information sharing by enabling users to communicate with one another through forums, social media, and online groups.


We provide this function so that traders or users may be rated based on performance data, encouraging competitiveness and user recognition on the site.


The lending feature of our Bybit clone script lets users lease their idle assets to other parties for hourly interest.

Reward hub

By participating in events and doing activities, users may receive basic incentives. This is yet another significant feature provided by Dappsfirm.


Choosing Dappsfirm for your Bybit Clone Script - a smart decision.

Dappsfirm is an established and trustworthy Cryptocurrency Exchange Development business in the market. We provide a range of services to companies seeking to enter the market. Dappsfirm has extensive experience in the cryptocurrency space. With our background and expertise in the cryptocurrency space, we can offer you insightful advice and support through the development process. With the variety of customization options we offer for the premium Bybit clone software, you may design an exchange that precisely fulfills your company's requirements. 

When it comes to the technical aspects of building a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Bubit, our skilled team of developers can help you. We can assist you in adhering to laws and regulations in the jurisdiction you select. Thus, Dappsfirm is a fantastic option for new businesses seeking to use the Bybit clone software to build an exchange.

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