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Launch your fantasy sports platform like MPL, 7cric, Dream11 & My11Circle with a Clone script. Scalable solutions for a thriving sports fan community.


Dappsfirm's feature-rich readymade clone script is the ideal starting point for your online gambling endeavors. It will fulfill all of your sports betting goals. You don't need to look anywhere else—we've got you covered!Participate actively in building a sports betting website that takes cues from popular platforms like My11 Circle, MPL, Dream11, 1xbet and 7cric. Our team of knowledgeable developers is committed to using cutting-edge tools and methods to help you establish your business more quickly. This ensures that responsive betting clone scripts will be built quickly. You can rely on our knowledge to create sportsbook clone scripts that are error-free and flawless, pushing the boundaries of innovation while maintaining a flawless user experience. Enter the Dappsfirm environment with confidence, where your concept turns into a thriving reality.  


What makes a sportsbook website essential in today’s world?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, having an online presence is essential for every business, including sport betting. The way consumers watch sports and make bets has been completely transformed by online sports betting platforms. An online sports betting service provides unmatched accessibility with the ease of betting from home or while on the road. It provides opportunities to contact sports fans and bettors throughout the globe and tap into a worldwide market.

Moreover, a more dynamic betting experience is possible with an online platform. Features like live betting, in-the-moment odds updates and a wide range of betting options for several sports can be seamlessly integrated. This boosts user engagement and motivates your clients to return. In addition, the digital format facilitates the administration and monitoring of bets and allows for the adoption of state-of-the-art security protocols to protect user data and financial transactions. In conclusion, having a sports betting website is no longer only an option, it is now necessary for effectively connecting and engaging with your target audience.


Sports betting Clone Script

Sports betting websites like My11circle, Dream11, 1xbet, and 7cric, MPL clone script offer ready-made software solutions for creating an online sport betting that replicates their  main features and functionalities. These clone scripts can be modified to match unique  needs and are compatible with various devices like iOS and Android. Common features and functions offered by these platforms include sports betting, payment method and an intuitive interface. If you’re interested in entering the online betting industry, opting for the My11 circle, MPL, Dream11, 1xbet, and 7cric clone script can be an appropriate opens up revenue streams and offers benefits to make your online betting business profitable.


User-Centric Features Of Our betting games Clone Script

So you're looking to start your own SportsBetting platform similar to the leading Sportsbook games? With our clone script, you can build a platform quickly. Here are some of the key features you'll receive:

User panel features:

Login: Multiple methods of registration authorization, including social network account integration, email and password and login and password.

Choosing a bet: Selecting the sport, team, player and events to bet on is simple and quick, varying depending on the sport. It’s crucial to understand the ability to bet on a specific player’s result, not the entire team.

Broadcasting game / matches: Real-time match viewing enhances users experience and enables the use of various business models for earnings.

Bid Help: A guide with screenshots and videos will be provided on bets, money entry and withdrawal and a tooltip system is developed to assist users with the interface. 

Team / Player Information: Users can access concise information about each team and individual player in a chosen sport, including results, achievement, weakness and strengths.

Choice of bet type: The set should cater to specific sports and user requests, enabling real-time communication through chat, forums, and social networks for betting, events, and predictions.

Bid Results: The total amount wagered or won, as well as the history of sports wagering and the kinds of wagers placed.

 Match schedule: Users can plan activities at rates using a contextual calendar of future events, such as selecting football bets, which should follow the match schedule.

Payment system: Our system allows easy money entry and withdrawal with a simple one or two-click integration of payment gateways with the site and mobile application.

Multilingual capability: The audience's reach increases with their number.

Match Summary: Our My11 Circle, Dream11, 1xbet, and 7cric MPL clone script match statistics for both the team and individual players, enabling users to analyzes players effectiveness and make predictions for upcoming games 


Admin Panel Features:

Login:  Administrator roles are needed for both owner and hired employees, with limited rights for site maintenance and moderation, but not for stealing money or altering settings.

User Management: The dashboard allows for the monitoring and management of user accounts, providing access to all user data such as profile data, rate type, amounts and results.

Input data from bookmakers: Bookmakers often combine betting data to provide more accurate information on stakes and winnings regarding matches, team, players and bets.

Management of winnings and payments: Manual mode monitoring and control of winning size is crucial for detecting fraud, failures and resolving controversial situations.


Benefits of Using sports betting clone script like My11 Circle, MPL, Dream11, 1xbet, and 7cric 

  • Our highly qualified experts provide sophisticated betting clone scripts that require no effort to run in real-time.
  • Our highly skilled professionals provide complex betting clone scripts that are easy to run in real-time.
  • By utilizing cutting-edge encryption technologies, our MPL, Dream11, 1xbet, and 7cric, My11 Circle clone scripts seek to improve user security and safety.
  • We guarantee total openness in every facet of our operations, from planning and market analysis to the creation and implementation of sports betting clone scripts.
  • Being the leading supplier of sports betting clone scripts, we give a wide range of smooth integrations to improve betting experiences.
  • To start a profitable betting company, we provide accessible and reasonably priced betting software solutions that are always open to the public.
  • With strong marketing features, our My11 Circle, MPL, Dream11, 7cric, and 1xbet clone scripts provide customers excellent chances for promotion.


We offer the best sports betting clone script

As the leading sports betting clone script, we provide a diverse range of betting games. We have the following games:

  • Auto Racing Betting Clone
  • Horse Racing Clone Script
  • Baseball Betting Clone
  • Basketball Clone Script
  • Hockey Betting Clone Script
  • Cricket Betting Clone Script
  • Tennis Betting Clone
  • Golf Betting
  • Football Betting Clone
  • Boxing Betting Clone


Why Choose Dappsfirm for Sports Betting Clone Script?

Dappsfirm is a top-notch sport betting development platform, we offer advanced, high-value betting solutions, such as odds risk management tools, Payment gateways and social media integration features, developed by our developers. Our customized options are made to fit the demands of the market while maintaining customer privacy and confidentiality. We offer our clients quality service with little downtime and round-the-clock skilled assistance. Our team of experts is committed to offering our customers scalable and dependable sportsbook solutions, guaranteeing a high-quality and uncommon product. Are you interested in launching your own sports betting sites like My11 Circle, MPL, 1xbet, and 7cric, Dream11 clone script then contact us!!!

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