Launch Your Own Crypto Exchange Like BSDEX with a Bsdex Clone Script

Start your own cryptocurrency exchange quickly and securely using a BSDEX clone script from Dappsfirm. Get all the features of BSDEX in a customizable solution.


German cryptocurrency trading platform BSDEX was founded in 2019 and is not governed by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), but rather by the Baden-Württemberg Securities Exchange GmbH (BWWB). Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange GmbH is the platform's technical operator;, SBI Holdings, Axel Springer, and Börse Stuttgart Group support it.

Over the last day, the worldwide cryptocurrency market capitalization has slightly climbed to $2.78 trillion, while the entire volume of the market has increased by more than 16 percent to $133.74 billion. Thus, this is the ideal moment to write a BSDEX clone script of your own. In this blog, we will discuss more about our BSDEX clone script and its features 


BSDEX Clone Script

The BSDEX clone script is a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange software solution that assists businesses in expanding by providing consumers with round-the-clock cryptocurrency trading services up to the launch of the crypto exchange. Startups and company owners who want to launch a cryptocurrency exchange business might consider using a BSDEX clone script, which makes trading easier. Using our BSDEX clone software will allow you to attract a varied range of new traders while capitalizing on the growing cryptocurrency business. 


Set up your very own crypto exchange like BSDEX to empower trading activities.

With the help of our BSDEX clone software, you can easily establish a cryptocurrency exchange similar to BSDEX and start catering to foreign traders in only one week. Users may trade across a wide range of premium tokens and trading pairs at their convenience by utilizing a variety of trading tactics. On the other hand, it uses integrated blockchain facilities to provide the most secure transactions.


Features of Our BSDEX clone script

BSDEX User Interface and Security

  •  BSDEX clone script is user-friendly and accessible on both desktop and Exchange apps.
  •  The platform displays current cryptocurrency prices and trading volume.
  •  Users can access the BSDEX wallet or start trading directly.


  •  Solarisbank handles all BSDEX banking transactions, providing up to 100,000 euro balances in the clearing account.
  •  BSDEX clone script aims to secure crypto assets, with Blocknox GmbH storing coins offline.
  •  Blocknox GmbH has applied for a crypto custody license to BaFin, which is currently only available to Coinbase.

Deposits and Withdrawals

  •  No minimum deposit or withdrawal amount is required at BSDEX.
  •  Deposits can be made via Sepa transfer and there are no fees for deposits or withdrawals.
  •  Crypto withdrawals incur network-dependent fees, typically borne by the coin owner.

Trading Fees

  •  BSDEX clone software breaks down trading fees transparently.
  •  Maker orders pay a 0.20 percent fee, while taker orders pay 0.35 percent.
  •  The minimum fee is 0.01 euros for every order.
  •  Compared to other German-speaking platforms like Coinbase, our BSDEX clone script charges very low fees.


Creating a Unique Brand Identity and Putting Marketing Strategies into Practice

  •  Utilize Whitelabel BSDEX clone software solution for a profitable revenue strategy.
  • Target a wide range of audiences with strong loyalty and trust.
  •  Provide distinctive features that differentiate your platform from competitors.
  •  A well-known and loyal brand often increases transaction volumes, raising income.


Putting Marketing Strategies into Practice

  •  Utilize both offline and internet marketing platforms.
  •  Use email campaigns, content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.
  •  Attend cryptocurrency-related conferences and events for networking and platform promotion.


Customer Acquisition and Retention

  •  Attract and retain new clients through incentives, loyalty programs, and competitive transaction rates.
  •  Enhance user trust and loyalty through advanced security measures and excellent customer support.
  •  Promote frequent transactions to increase revenue through transaction fees.


White Label BSDEX clone Software

A white-label BSDEX clone software is a pre-built cryptocurrency exchange that can be branded and customizable. Businesses may use our white-label BSDEX clone software to build exchange platforms at a low cost and in a short time. Our employee assists in integrating all bespoke components into the platform. This is a viable choice for starting your crypto exchange business because it saves time and money on development.


Benefits of Our BSDEX clone script

  • Fees are very reasonable and upfront.
  • Brand of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange.
  • SEPA transfer is available.
  • Website and customer support.
  • Comprehensive expertise academy
  • Low transaction fees
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time price charts
  • Referral programs
  • Multi-lingual support


BSDEX Clone App 

The BSDEX clone app provides a simpler method to access cryptocurrency transactions using mobile applications. With our BSDEX clone software, you can give your customers a simple and safe method to trade a range of cryptocurrencies. Order placement, trade execution, portfolio management, real-time market data, and transaction history might be some of the app's primary features. With BSDEX clone software that is stable, feature-rich, and easy to use, you can attract traders, investors, and cryptocurrency fans. Our skilled development team will create a BSDEX clone software with all the integrated functionality needed to conduct trade inside a gated community.


Revenue Streams of Our BSDEX Clone Script

  •  Listing fees for preferred projects on cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
  •  Revenue is generated through affiliate programs and referrals.
  •  Trading fees are the primary revenue source for BSDEX.
  •  Transaction fees for purchases and sales are charged a percentage of the transaction amount.
  •  Fees for Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals increase the overall revenue stream.


Why Choose Dappsfirm to Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange like BSDEX?

Dappsfirm is the top cryptocurrency exchange script development business, specializing in delivering different cryptocurrency exchange script solutions that produce amazing results. We pledge to provide the script you requested on time. Our team of expert blockchain engineers will handle your Cryptocurrency exchange project. Additionally, we have a dedicated support team that will offer efficient customer care for every product we offer. Our BSDEX clone script includes full encryption and all the greatest security measures accessible since it uses state-of-the-art frameworks.

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