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Craft your gaming fantasies into real experiences with Dappsfirm's BLCR Clone Script. Experience immersive card battles with AI, blockchain tech, and strategic depth. Start now!


Explore the secret to making card games with fixed rules by adopting our BLCR Clone script. Our diligent team is committed to creating your card games platform with astounding visuals, cutting-edge mechanics, and deep strategic depth in immersive experiences. We are committed to making your ideas a reality and will provide you the resources to design the card games and the reward winning strategies.


BLCR : The Ultimate Environment to dive into card gamings

AI and blockchain technology are expertly combined in BLCR, a groundbreaking card battle betting game, to create an unparalleled gaming experience. In BLCR, players construct a five-card deck to face off against the Left, Centre, or Right opponents. Every opponent has different odds, and if you win, the amount you win will be calculated by multiplying your wager by the opponent's odds. 


What makes the need to go for BLCR Clone script?

BLCR Clone script is the ultimate replication of the original BLCR platform that incorporates all essential features and functions. In this platform, the gameplay includes choosing your enemy and applying LCR ( left, center, right) to them before engaging in combat which acts as the main core of our BLCR clone script. The preset odds for each Enemy govern how much money you will win when you defeat them. Our gaming platform will hand over fair gameplay to the users. These games use blockchain technology as part of its overall mechanics which can increase the gamers capability and is propelling the popularity of the games in today’s world. Users can save things in a wallet which they have purchased. 


White Label BLCR Clone software:

White label BLCR Clone software is the fully customizable card gaming ecosystem that resembles the original BLCR platform. At Dappsfirm, we prioritize serving our clients with all special and needed amenities so as to make a progressive impression in the markets. Our team with 10+ years of experience in creating blockchain games, can help you in building the card games with dominant ideologies brought into existence. This can be the cost-effective and easiest way of starting over your gaming venture.


$LCR Utility token

The principal Utility Token used in the gaming experience is $LCR, sometimes referred to as Paid LCR. Gamers can obtain $LCR by transferring Paid LCR from their wallet or by selling Gems in the shop. Token standard is BEP20 and is built over BSC networks. The following in-game features use this Utility Token directly:

  • Paying for game-related activities
  • Opening the Locked Gems 
  • Paying for the Card Gacha Spin.


Governance Token Used in the platform:

The Governance Token for our platform that introduces Zero-Sum-Play Games is $ZST, or Zero-Sum Token. It is in charge of planning Zero-Sum-Play Games' business strategies on our platform. Giving up the platform's Governance Tokens to players who don't care about the Zero-Sum-Play Games business model would probably just drive up the price of the tokens.


Gameplay Mechanisms in Our BLCR Clone script

Some important aspects included in the gaming platform are as follows:

  • NFT
  • Card Gacha
  • Battle
  • Odds/win rate
  • User profile
  • Shop
  • Unlock options
  • Asset
  • Withdraw


NFT: In our BLCR clone script , NFTs come in two varieties like cards and gems. They are described in detail below:


Cards: Cards offer the basic gameplay. Being the fundamental component of the game, Cards give players the base on which to plot, compete, and advance. Users can create a Deck, their main tool for gameplay and revenue creation, by putting these Cards together.


Gems: Gems are crucial in determining results even though they serve as buffers. They are special NFTs made especially to increase the battle parameters of your cards. Gems can gain Special Bonuses, which gives your gaming an additional level of strategic depth and possible rewards. 


Card Gacha: Cards can be obtained through the Gacha mechanism.

Two varieties of Card Gacha are available. You can use Paid LCR in the Paid Card Gacha to get Paid Cards. On the other hand, you can use Locked LCR in the Locked Card Gacha to get Locked Cards for free. 


Battle: Using our BLCR clone script , players engage enemies using specially constructed decks made up of cards and jewels. The Battle Power determines the outcome of every combat. Gems are awarded for every battle, and the quantity you've placed and the odds each enemy has set will determine how many Gems you receive.


List of Enemies in the platform: 

  • Gang
  • Gents
  • Clown
  • Bandit
  • Fairy
  • Dark angel
  • Satan
  • Dragon
  • Gold Eater 


How does your User-profile appear on the platform?

An extensive overview of your account details can be found in your user profile.Various aspects included are: 

  • Profile picture
  • Username
  • Battle history
  • Level
  • Rank
  • Number of bonuses achieved
  • Number of battle wins
  • Number of days battled
  • Special bonus history
  • Days until rank rest
  • LCR Needed for next level. 


Look for Vital Attributes included in Our BLCR Clone script

Three fundamental ideas serve as the cornerstone for our philosophy of game design are strategy, value, and transparency.

  • In our game, transparency plays a dominant role. Every aspect of the game is transparent and user-friendly. Hence, players can play with confidence by knowing exactly how the game works.
  • In order to increase player involvement and encourage strategic play, each card, token, and point in the game has a distinct purpose and value.
  • The implications of players' strategies are further emphasized via the game design. Every decision the player makes matters and has the potential to greatly affect how the game turns out. 

BLCR Affiliate programs: Affiliate programs are also available to the users and the main goal is to build the BLCR community and distribute revenues to the people who help make it happen.


What are the Benefits obtained by using Our BLCR Clone script?

  • Entire ownership is guaranteed
  • Enhanced community engagement
  • Monetization opportunities
  • Inclusion of decentralized governance models
  • Implementation of smart contracts for secured gameplay
  • High end security features inherited
  • High transparency
  • Quicker market entry.


BLCR Clones can be the next gen card gaming arena and how will Dappsfirm help you in getting it in a cost-effective way?

In the markets for more than 10+ years, Dappsfirm’s reliable works in developing NFT games are the most appreciable factor. Our development team specializes in designing inventive and distinctive systems for creating your BLCR Clone script. Our card game clone script can afford you the top-notch gaming experience as they have intriguing themes, and eye-catching graphics. We strive to provide players with value while maintaining steady revenue streams, from in-game purchases and customisation choices. Apart from these, we pay attention to the security features of our gaming platform, hence we implement the leading tools, security enriched protocols and so on. 

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