Binance Clone Script - Build a Robust Crypto trading platform like binance

Dappsfirm's Whitelabel Binance clone script allows you to launch a crypto trading platform similar to Binance in one week.


The cryptocurrency exchange Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that launched in 2017. Changpeng Zhao (CZ), established and leads Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. It mostly trades altcoins. Binance allows you to trade over 350 cryptocurrencies and virtual tokens, including bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), dogecoin (DOGE), and your coin, BNB.


  • Users can trade cryptocurrencies using Binance, an online exchange. It is compatible with hundreds of the most popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Binancezh offers traders a cryptocurrency wallet to save digital money.
  • The crypto exchange offers auxiliary services that let customers trade bitcoins or earn interest. Additionally, it assists traders in making investing selections and provides programs for miners.
  • Binance's coin BNB is based on the blockchain.


Binance Clone Script 

Binance clone script is a pre-built customizable software that replicates the functionality of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. With the help of our Binance exchange clone script, business owners can easily and affordably develop and deploy a cryptocurrency trading platform that looks like Binance. Our Binance trading website clone software includes features like user registration, wallet integration, order books, trade charts, payment gateway integration, and an admin panel, allowing customization and efficient platform launch.


Key Highlights of our Binance exchange clone script


Admin Features of Binance clone

  • P2P Trading - These days, P2P trading is quite popular. To assist you take advantage of this growing demand, we have added a P2P trading option to our Binancep2p clone software.
  • Crypto Trading Bot - To help your consumers grasp the features of your cryptocurrency exchange platform, we have included a cryptocurrency trading bot in our Binance trading website clone script.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility - You can use our Binance clone software to create a stable, cross-platform cryptocurrency trading platform.
  • Unlimited Token Listing - Our Binance clone software gives your customers access to limitless listing capabilities, which will immediately enhance user experience.


User Features of our Binance clone

  • Dashboard - Our Binance trading website clone software includes a dashboard that contains all the information about the user's purchases and sales of cryptocurrency. Aside from that, an administrator may also benefit from a dashboard's versatility.
  • Customer Support System - With our Binance clone solution, administrators may enjoy the convenience of a sophisticated customer support system.
  • Liquidity - With our Binance trading website clone script, provide traders with the benefits of liquidity. A greater liquidity level indicates that your exchange software is operating more efficiently.
  • Multi-Crypto Wallet - With the help of our wallet integration skills, we can add several cryptocurrency wallets to the Binance clone for your consumers, allowing them to relish trading different cryptocurrencies.


Security Features

  • Two-Factor Authentication - We have included two-factor authentication into the login process to provide your users ultimate security.
  • End-To-End Encryption Based SSL - With end-to-end encryption provided by our Binance clone, security is immediately enhanced as the SSL function opens a route for data transfer.
  • Server-Side Forgery Protection - Users need to remain vigilant against SSRF attacks. For this reason, we included server-side forgery prevention tools to give you guidance and recommendations to your users.
  • Distributed Denial of Service - You must preserve your Binance clone's default functionality. We have incorporated tools to stop DDoS assaults to assist you.


Binance Clone App

The Binance clone app is a cryptocurrency exchange that replicates the Binance app and lets users trade cryptocurrency on their phones without requiring a PC. Our Binance clone app provides enhanced cross-platform interoperability, scalability, robustness, and usability. As a leader in the production of Binance clone applications, Dappsfirm offers million-dollar business solutions with standard payloads, streams, and criteria for asset monetization without risk. Updated features and necessary functions are included in the app's notifications, which are given out beforehand by SMS. Your cryptocurrency trading company is guaranteed great security and encryption with the cryptocurrency exchange Binance Clone App.


White Label Binance Clone Software

Our White Label Binance Clone Software is software that allows you to launch your cryptocurrency exchange, allowing you to customize the platform according to your business needs and ethical principles. It offers business-specific features and security advantages, providing an exciting trading and exchanging experience for users. It is recommended to launch your cryptocurrency business on a white-label exchange like Binance for its numerous advantages and features.

In only one week, you can launch your cryptocurrency trading platform that is comparable to binancecom owing to our fully working white-label buinance platform!


Revenue Modules of Binance Clone Software

Trading Fees: The trbinance platform administrator has the authority to levy a modest fee for each transaction that takes place on the Binance crypto clone script.

Refundable Deposits: There can be a cost associated with withdrawing money from the Binance clone software platform if the user wants to take their cryptocurrency or money out.

Trading Fees on Margin: When customers complete each margin transaction on the platform, fees may be incurred due to the integration of the margin trading function.

Listing Charges: When a user is releasing their cryptocurrencies or tokens on our Binance clone software, the platform administrator has the right to charge a listing fee.

Token Launchpad: Our Binance clone software includes a token launchpad that allows the admin to charge a fee for listing and launching new tokens.

Promoting: Our cryptocurrency trading platform, which is similar to coin binance, may make money by showing adverts to its users.

Referral Program: Users can earn a commission by inviting their friends to sign up for the cryptocurrency trading platform using our Referral program feature.

Staking and Lending: Our Binance exchange clone script platform has the option of charging a fee for API access, allowing developers to integrate their trading bots or other apps with the platform.


Binance Dex Clone Script

Dappsfirm offers a Binance DEX clone script for a decentralized exchange website, allowing permissionless, endless trades without middlemen. Our Binance DEX clone script is scalable, secure, and efficient, handling large cryptocurrencies, altcoins, stablecoins, tokens, and other tokenized assets. It supports both desktop and mobile applications (Android & iOS) and offers a robust trading engine for automated trades. The unique features make the Binance DEX clone stand out in the market.


Minimal Fees: This binancep2p cryptocurrency trading platform is well-known for several reasons, chief among them being the minimal 0.1% commission cost it charges for each transaction.

Significant Trade Volume: Being one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance3 has a large user base, a high trading volume, and effective user traffic management.

Recognizes and Accepts New Coins: Once their Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are over, individuals can list their new coins on this cryptocurrency market.

High-End Security: The cz binance platform is shielded from hackers and illicit activity by the strong security measures built into the Binance exchange, such as 2F authentication.

Abundant Altcoins: This cryptocurrency bainance com covers emerging and rising cryptocurrencies in addition to well-known ones like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Bonuses and Prizes: Regular users of the exchange are rewarded with free cryptocurrency as well as other incentives.


Our Binance-like cryptocurrency exchange has top-notch security features.

  •  Two-Factor Authentication: Safeguards passwords for login and trading.
  •  KYC/AML Verification: Prevents illegal activities like tax evasion and money laundering.
  •  Jail Log-In: Denies user access after multiple failed attempts.
  •  Anti-Phishing Code: Prevents phishing attacks.
  •  Multi-Signature Wallet: Highly secure with a minimum of two or three private keys.
  •  Anti-DDOS Protection: Prevents DDOS attacks from hackers or cybercriminals.


Opt for Our Expertise in Binance Clone Software

Dappsfirm is a leading cryptocurrency exchange development company has offers a highly liquid Binance clone software with features such as spot, copy, derivative, perpetual, and margin trade. Our cryptocurrency exchange Binance script also supports fiat currency accessibility, allowing external third parties to support the balance of trade in the crypto ecosystem. Our Binance trading website clone script features a dynamic cryptocurrency and token-adding module with lightning-speed transactions and institutional-grade security features for safe trading. Dappsfirm's team of blockchain engineers, with over 7 years of experience, can help businesses build a scalable, robust, and self-explanatory interface for Binance clone software. Our skilled services and product quality can increase business revenue and achieve maximum ROI

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