Top 6 Blockchain Networks For Developing NFT Games

Explore this comprehensive guide to know more about the best blockchain networks for NFT game development projects.


In this article, we'll discuss the most common blockchain networks for NFT game development, as well as their design and development features. As businesses scramble to join the game revolution, NFT game development is evolving and improving, dynamic, and user-friendly. Providers of blockchain networks have raised their efforts to satisfy demand, offering superior technology for NFT game development.

Blockchain in NFT Gaming Era

NFTs are unique digital collectibles on the top of blockchain networks. This advanced feature builds them suitable to utilize in games as representations as digital characters, collectibles, and other tradeable items.

NFT game projects have become more popular in the Game-fi world as a way to earn a high income. You can buy, sell, trade your in-game NFTs to other users and players and even earn tokens with P2E & E2P models.

The combination of blockchain technology and NFTs has offered a pathway for game developers to leverage these exciting tools when creating virtual worlds. Due to this high demand, 2023 looks set to be a business year for NFT games, with numerous stunning projects ready for launch in the coming days.

NFT games are mainly present on the top of the blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana, Polygon, Stellar and more Game-Fi, as it's become known, merges the worlds of finance and gaming, offering players opportunities to earn income as they play. 

Here we will discuss the 6 blockchain networks for developing NFT games to launch in 2023, highlighting why they have populated so much hype and touching on their value potential for the years ahead.

The Top 6 Blockchain Networks For Developing NFT Games 2023

* Ethereum

* Binance Smart Chain

* Solana

* Polygon

* Tron


A Closer Look at the Top Blockchain Networks For NFT Game Development


Currently, Ethereum is the most widely used and popular blockchain network for NFT game development. Leading NFT games, including Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Cryptospells, Decentraland, CryptoPunks leverage the Ethereum blockchain network. For one, creating NFTs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is extremely easy and very simple. Popular NFT token standards—ERC-721 and ERC-1155— foster interoperability as well, serving the development process easily.

Benefits of Ethereum Blockchain

* Data coordination

* Rapid deployment

* Permissioned networks

* Hundreds of Nodes

* Avail Private transactions

* Next-Generation Smart Contract

* Decentralization

* Encryption

* And more

Best NFT Gaming Projects on Ethereum Blockchain

* Axie Infinity

* Arc8

* Decentraland

* CryptoKitties

* NFT Worlds

* And more


Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain capable of implementing smart contracts and running decentralized applications. Apart from scalability and less fee, the Binance Smart Chain will empower compatibility with Ethereum, hence, interoperable. Moreover, multiple NFT gaming projects are already running on the Binance smart chain, namely CryptoBlades, Battle Pets, MOBOX, and more

Benefits of Binance Smart Chain

* Inexpensive Transaction

* Faster Adoption Rates

* Easy Token Migration

* Various Language Availability

* EVM Compatibility

* Cross-chain Mechanisms

* Rich & Growing Ecosystems

* Immutable Smart Contracts

* And more

Best NFT Gaming Projects on Binance Smart Chain

* CryptoBlades

* Thetan Arena

* Splinterlands

* SecondLive

* X World Games

* Era7

* Bomb Crypto

* And more


Tron is an open-source blockchain platform designed to deploy a decentralized application with uncomplicated mechanisms for creating and hosting decentralized apps and content that users can share without thrid-parties. Tron NFT game development has attracted many business owners and cryptoprenures due to its unique approach and exclusive offerings. 

Benefits of Tron Blockchain

* High Transaction Speed

* High Scalability

* High-performance Storage

* EVM Compatible

* Multi-language extension with Google Protobuf

* Transaction as Proof of Stake

* Empowering Creators

* More Advanced than Ethereum

* More reliable and scalable

Best NFT Gaming Projects on Tron Blockchain

* Sorare

* CryptoBytes

* Devikins

* Blockchain Cuties

* MegaCryptoPolis

* ChainZ Arena

* And more


Solana is the fastest & decentralized blockchain platform in the world and the quickest growing ecosystem in crypto, with thousands of projects going on such as DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and more. It has recently gained a glowing reputation for its potential to serve the NFT industry better than Ethereum. The entire network is very promising, has a robust system of support from FTX and some of the biggest names in the industry, and a dazzling decentralized applications ecosystem.

Benefits of Solana Blockchain

* Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus system

* Tower Consensus

* Sealevel

* Scalability

* High Speed & Low Cost

* And more

Best NFT Gaming Projects on Solana Blockchain

* Star Atlas

* Solchicks  

* Genopets 

* Space Falcon  

* Project Seeds  

* Defi Land  

* Cryo War 

* Void  

* Zoolana  

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain network creating and combining protocol and architecture. Leading together scalable Ethereum solutions to support a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem. It is a multi-chain system that blends the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains. This multi-chain method is similar to others like Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche, and others, but it has three significant advantages such as high gas fees and poor performance, without compromising security. 

Benefits of Polygon Blockchain

* Rich Ethereum Experience

* Strategic Partner of Polygon

* Wide Experience of Projects

* High-end Security

* Royalty

* Interaction

* User Experience

* High customization

* Great for decentralized finance apps

* Extremely fast transactions per second

* Low transaction fees

* And more

Best NFT Gaming Projects on Polygon Blockchain

* Zed Run

* Decentraland

* Aavegotchi

* Pegaxy

* The Sandbox

* And more



EOS is an open-source blockchain platform, built to support and act safe, compliant, and predictable digital infrastructures. EOS works similar to Ethereum which means that you can code smart contracts on EOS. You can also build dApps and other crypto projects on the EOS blockchain platform. However, EOS seems to beat Ethereum in many ways including speed, efficiency, and scalability. It empowers developers and organizations to create and access a wide range of crypto, NFT, and other project ecosystems

Benefits of EOS Blockchain

* Higher Scalability

* Permission Schema

* Low Energy Consumption

* Parallel Processing

* Upgradability

* Faster & Free Transaction

* Quick & Easy Deployment

* And more

Best NFT Gaming Projects on EOS Blockchain

* Crypto Dynasty

* Prospectors

* Crypto Dynasty

* Upland

* Chainz Arena

* And more


Wrapping up

So those were the best blockchain networks. Blockchain for NFT games is the primary tool to create any NFT-powered gaming application. It's important to remember that each NFT gaming project has its own set of requirements, so selecting a blockchain network should be done carefully. The blockchain network is supposed to make or destroy your NFT game development experience, so take your own time and do essential research before deciding on the best blockchain network for your gaming project.

If you need any help in choosing a blockchain network for NFT game development or else want to create your own NFT gaming platform from scratch then you are in the right place!


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The blockchain network that you choose must have the pre-built features and functionalities needed to develop the needed features for your NFT gaming application. Hence, it is considered to inquire a consultation with our expert team for the right and in-depth clarification of the best blockchain technology for your use.

All the above-given blockchain networks are highly popular and extensively used for NFT game development. However, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are the most prevalently used due to their huge capabilities to create dynamic NFT gaming applications.

The time to develop an NFT game depends upon the engaging features and functionalities you wish to have in your gaming platform. On average, it can take from 2-5 months to develop an NFT gaming application.

If your gaming project needs to be developed from scratch to ultimate, it is suitable to hire blockchain developers who are proficient in both blockchain and NFT.

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