Add-on Scripts For BC.Game Clone To Enhance Your Crypto Casino Game

Explore a range of powerful Add-on scripts for BC.Game Clone to boost your cryptocurrency gambling platform's success. Discover essential features and components.


Overview of BC.Game Clone Script 

BC.Game is a well-known cryptocurrency casino platform, provides a wide selection of games based on cryptocurrency, alluring incentives, and an active gaming community. A pre-made software package that duplicates the essential features and operations of the BC.Game platform is called a BC.Game clone script. It offers a strong basis for an expedient and successful launch of your own cryptocurrency gambling platform. Key components of a well-written clone script include money gateways, user management systems, security protocols, game dynamics, and more.

Lets see more about Addon scripts for BC.Game clone script , 


Why is BC.Game cone script necessary for business  nowadays ?

An investor may be able to gain access to a rapidly expanding market, a tested business plan, substantial profit margins, and worldwide exposure by purchasing a BC Game Clone Script. Nevertheless, there are a number of risks associated with investing in a BC Game Clone, such as those related to law and regulation, cryptocurrency value fluctuations, and the requirement for strong security measures. Before making any financial decisions, as with any investment, it's crucial to carry out in-depth study and consult a professional.But don't worry. With the help of a top-tier casino game development company like us, you can release your own ready-made scripts similar to a casino game.


Addon scripts for BC.Game Clone Script 

We have several Add-on scripts for BC.Game Clone script. Let us know more about some of the popular addon scripts here, 

Replica of Crash 

Bc.Game Crash is intriguing yet straightforward with a distinctive crypto gambling experience that revolves around a white dot, representing a rocket traveling diagonally to a upper right corner to the graph. We offer BC.Game crash scripts which could build your business in the crypto market. Our developers went through deep research to hold your requirements and satisfy the needs which are customizable for your business with advanced technology. 


Crash Trenball

In, Trenball Crash is the first crash game ever made. Trenball eliminates the conventional crash gameplay, thus forgetting about the basic betting methods used in crash games.Players in Trenball Crash have the option to wager on red, green, or yellow (the moon). We offer Crash trenball script for your business which includes the insights behind the crash trendball, customizable choices, and a provably fair method. 


Bitcoin lightening 

An additional layer to the Bitcoin blockchain called the Bitcoin Lightning Network helps to reduce network congestion and expedite transaction speeds. It is a technology solution that introduces off-chain transactions to address issues with the Bitcoin blockchain. We incorporate addon features like bitcoin lightening for your business prospective. 



In the game Limbo, available on the platform, players must guess when a rocket named "Limbo" would explode in order to collect prizes.We can easily  provide a ready-made script for the Limbo game with similar functionality and features. 


Dice game 

Almost every BC.Game dice choice operates according to the same fundamental principle. Blockchain hash value computation and algorithms are used in gaming. Furthermore, the outcome of the game is determined by how closely your anticipated number matches the outcome of the dice toss. We offer three kinds Dice game scripts at Bc.Game 

  • Classic Dice
  • Hash Dice
  • Ultimate Dice



In a roulette game, players wager on which red or black numbered compartment on a rotating wheel a tiny ball, spun in the opposite way, will settle into. On a table designated to match the wheel's compartments, wagers are put. Play multiplayer roulette at BC.GAME offers a multiplayer experience that really makes online gaming unique, revolutionizing the genre. 

We specialize in developing roulette scripts for BC.Game clone scripts for your business hype.At Dappsfirm, our skilled developers had deep research and do your needs as far as possible. 



One of the banking games at casinos is blackjack. It is the most popular casino banking game worldwide. There are several kinds of Blackjack game clone such as 

  • Blackjack A
  • Blackjack B
  • Speed blackjack
  • VIP blackjack
  • One Black

We offer the above all scripts related to Blackjack game scripts for BC.Game clones. Our developers work for it to give their best to reap for your business.


  • Keno

A random drawing determines the winning numbers in the lottery-style game Keno, where players select a set of numbers. We will be creating a game for a bitcoin casino that is an exact replica of the traditional game of keno. 

  • Wheel

 BC Game Wheel is the well-known online bitcoin gambling game. Players wager on the result of a spinning wheel. Our Wheel game script provides an eye-catching method of placing bets in a casino setting. Where the wheel ends after spinning determines the game's outcome, and players typically place bets on specific results.


  • CoinFlip

The version of the gambling platform called CoinFlip lets users bet on the outcome of a virtual coin toss. You may expect dependable scripts from us that include essential features.


  • Hilo

An eInstant game called Hi-Lo puts a metro-sleek spin on the traditional casino card game. Our Hilo game script combines the elements of chance and strategy to provide players with a fun and user-friendly gaming experience on the cryptocurrency casino platform.


  • Plinko

In the quick-witted and entertaining game of Plinko, the location of the sliding chip determines the win multiplier.Our Plinko script replicates the classic Plinko game play, where a ball is tossed through a pegged board and bounces arbitrarily until it lands in a slot at the bottom, in the context of casino gaming.


Other addon scripts for BC.Game Clone scripts are 

  • Baccarat
  • Speed Baccarat 
  • Baccarat multiplayer 
  • Keno multiplayer 
  • Ring of fortune 
  • Video Poker 
  • Oriental beauties 
  • Saviour sword
  • Twist
  • Mine 
  • Cave of Plunder 
  • Tower legend
  • Fast Party 
  • etc,.


Cost to Develop Crypto addon scripts for Bc.Game clone 

Determining the development expenses is a critical component that cannot be determined randomly when estimating the cost to establish a crypto casino gaming platform similar to BC.Game. The costs associated with them range from cutting-edge technologies to more sophisticated features, depending on the particular needs.

The total cost is directly impacted by these different circumstances. It is imperative that you get assistance from a reliable BC.Game clone script vendor in order to receive an exact price. If you communicate all of your needs and specifications to them, you will be able to obtain an accurate quote that will help you decide whether or not to acquire the BC.Game clone script.


Why to Hire DappsFim for add-on scripts of BC.Game Clone scripts ?

DappsFirm is a leading Crypto casino Game Development Company with global service availability. We employ a large group of highly qualified game developers who specialize in creating unique crypto casino platforms, such as BC.Game, in accordance with the specifications of customers.

Our Bc.Game game development services are made with the client's happiness as their top priority at all times. You will undoubtedly be able to grow your business due to their effective blockchain solutions. We offer the best add-on scripts for BC.Game clone script to build your business to reap revenue.

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