Add-on Games Script - Explore Exciting Add-on Games for Crypto Casino

Discover a variety of engaging add-on games to enhance your crypto casino experience with Dappsfirm. Enjoy endless entertainment and big wins!


The Enthralling crypto casino games combined with the advantages of blockchain technology make cryptocurrency casino games a fresh and inventive addition to the online gambling landscape. Players can enjoy a transparent, safe, and decentralized gaming experience with these games. 

Why does the need for casinos peak? Team up with us in knowing the real-time statistics to have a better understanding.

Based on data from the most recent Bitcoin casinos, $3 million worth of cryptocurrency is wagered every day by gamblers, and about 60% of all Bitcoin transactions have a gambling component. 

Casino games are the leading gambling games drawing millions of users inside the platform on a daily basis and to your quicker note, we can ensure that there are a list of add-ons available in the casino platforms. Investors, gamers who wish to get the specific add on games can get this designed and launched according to your business needs. 


Best add-ons Games for Casino 

  • Add-on games can be considered as the additional features or mini-games that enhance the standard casino offers in the world of casino game platforms, giving players a varied and interesting experience. 
  • The purpose of these add-ons is to improve user pleasure, loyalty, and enjoyment.
  • In each game, players can compete with one another and win points or places on leaderboards. As a result, individuals can demonstrate their abilities and the gaming experience has a competitive element.
  • These Casino Platforms can have a more dynamic and engaging atmosphere with these add-on games and features, guaranteeing gamers a satisfying and immersive environment.


Are you in Wonders of Knowing the top add on games in casino? Why still the wait, Here we present you the listing. 

Popular games bundel for casino gaming platform :

  • Crash game
  • Hash Dice
  • Roulette
  • Limbo
  • Bustabit
  • Coin Flip
  • Keno
  • Mines
  • Wheel
  • Sword
  • Ring of fortune
  • Plinko

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Ready Made Scripts of Add on games for Crypto Casino

The Ready made scripts of Add ona games for casino can be uttered as the pre-developed software solutions that allows casino gamers to swiftly incorporate new features or games into the betting platforms. 

Customisation is made possible, bringing-in all enticing features to better suit your business requirements and casino's identity. Some of the important ready made scripts for add ons games are enlisted below:

Hash Dice Script: Dappsfirm can offer you the ready-made hash dice script for the dice game which comprises a provably fair system, customisable options, and the insights behind the dice roll. We design this script to provide players with an easy-to-understand dice betting game.

Crash game Script: In a crash game, participants bet on when the game will end and can keep their profits if they pay out before the crash. The crash game script entails creating the rules, interface, and logic for a game in which players wager on the result of "crash."

Hilo game script:  Bringing together the aspects of strategy and chance, our Hilo game script can offer players an engaging and easily accessible gaming experience within the cryptocurrency casino platform.

Wheel game script: Our Wheel game script offers a visually appealing way to gamble in a casino environment. The game's conclusion is decided by where the wheel stops after spinning, and players usually wager on particular outcomes.

Crypto Poker script: We incorporate well-known poker variations in our pre-made poker scripts. Typically, these scripts have functions like hand evaluation, betting logic, and player seating.

Slot script: These slot scripts have the pre-written amenities like different themes, reel layouts, and extra features. Our team constructs a personalized slot game by modifying the jackpot parameters and so on. 

Ring of fortune script: The Wheel of Fortune game can be brought into existence by this script. To provide players with entertaining and chance-based concepts, we set out the wheel's parts, add prizes, and the spin mechanisms.

Crypto Lottery script: Crypto lottery script inherits the sales, random drawing procedures, and payout computations easier for a cryptocurrency lottery. Definitely, these scripts are the best business add on casino games for generating huge ROIs. 

Limbo script: For a cryptocurrency casino, a Limbo game script usually entails developing the mechanisms of the well-known "Limbo" game, in which players try to guess if a given variable will continue to rise or decrease above a predetermined limit.

Keno script: “ Are you aware of what keno is?’’

Keno is a lottery-style game where players choose a set of numbers, and the winning numbers are determined by a random drawing. For a cryptocurrency casino, keno script entails developing a game that emulates the classic keno experience. In this, Payments are made according to how many spots are chosen, how much the player gambled, and how many spots in the drawn numbers match. 

Roulette script: “ These are the keys for opening the doorsteps of rewards”. The functionality for a crypto-based roulette game is provided by this script. To maintain the integrity of the game, it has elements like multiple betting possibilities, an animated spinning wheel, and provably fair algorithms.

Plinko script: In the world of casino gaming, a Plinko script is the  replication of the traditional Plinko gameplay, in which a ball is put through a pegged board and bounces at random until it lands in a slot at the bottom.

Coin Flip Script: It is the rendition of the gaming platform that manipulates the coin flip strategies which allows players to wager on the result of a virtual coin toss. We can deliver you reliable scripts with vital functionalities.


Why Choose Dappsfirm to get your Add on games for casino?

Being the leading Crypto Casino game development Company, Dappsfirm can assure that selecting us as your add-on game development partner for your cryptocurrency casino entails partnering with a group committed to providing excellence, creativity, and dependability. 

We are dedicated to working with you to develop an engaging and profitable gaming platform that dominates the industry for cryptocurrency casinos and draws in players. We can modify the games to fit your cryptocurrency casino's specific branding and specifications. 

Putting strong security measures in place to guard against potential attacks and vulnerabilities is a top priority in our development processes. We put in place provably fair procedures, which let users independently confirm the game integrity and provide a reliable gaming experience.

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