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Dappsfirm's 1Win Clone Script offers a ready-made solution to launch your own online casino & Sportsbetting platform with Various games, wallets, and payment options.


1win, a potential participant in the gaming and betting industry, initially surfaced in 2016. On its official website, it provides a range of gaming choices, including a poker room, online casino, and bookmaker. To create the greatest sports betting and casino gaming platform similar to 1Win game, get the best premium 1Win clone script. Make a sophisticated 1Win clone software that works with a variety of casino and sports betting games. 


What is 1Win Clone Script?

The 1Win Clone script is a ready-made, pre-programmed solution that duplicates all of the fundamental features and operations of the 1Win Gambling platform. The modifications made to your 1Win game clone script will depend on your specific company needs. It includes features including an easy-to-use interface, a large selection of games for sports and casinos, wallets, and payment pathways.


Why 1Win Clone script?

Envision a gaming platform that skillfully combines state-of-the-art features, keeps gamers interested, and cultivates a vibrant gaming community.This vision becomes a reality with 1Win Clone. By using our script, you may differentiate yourself from the competition with a feature-rich, adaptable, and entertaining gaming platform.


We are aware that engaging experiences are key to the gaming business, and 1Win Clone software provides just that. Come along on this thrilling adventure where, one click at a time, we'll turn your gaming aspirations into reality.


White label 1Win clone software 

White label 1Win casino clone software is a customizable solution that duplicates the main attributes and capabilities. The branding and customization of our 1Win clone script may be adjusted to meet company needs, such as providing other games with special features and an enticing UI/UX. It offers users a smooth gaming experience while preserving the familiarity of the first 1Win interface, offering it a cost-effective way to get into the expanding blockchain-based gaming platform industry.


Advantages of our 1win clone script 

The bookmaker office makes every effort to give its clients the best possible services and comfort. You'll find great circumstances here for an enjoyable sport and casino games and lots of income chances.

  • Large assortment of sports
  • Numerous Sports events
  • Both your PC and smartphone can be used to play.
  • Low margin
  • Bonuses
  • Reduced Fees and Accelerated Transactions
  • Increased Safety
  • Possibility of financial gain
  • Adaptability


Our 1Win clone script's features

Many options are available in our 1Win clone software  to help you have a better time when you bet on sports and play at the casino. You have a selection of casino games to pick from in addition to pre-match and live betting options for sports betting. Here are a few instances of the services like 1Win:

Push Notifications

We have a useful feature in our 1Win clone app for Android and iOS that lets you see on the screen whether you won or lost the wager along with any impending promotions and deals.


Sports events may be seen live via the 1Win clone clone script. With the help of this program, you may simultaneously watch and bet on sporting events like the IPL. Additionally, the reward will be bigger if you put your wager early in the game and stay with it.

Play Casino Games Online

A wide range of casino games are available with our 1Win clone software. Slot machines and live dealer games have their own sections; these are all run by reputable software companies. AGT, Evolution Gaming, and other well-known software developers provide games at the casino.

Live Gambling

There is a live casino area with a wide range of games in our 1Win clone software. These games will be played with a live dealer to offer a complete casino experience, and Indian players prefer games with live dealers.

Betting on live cricket

If you choose the live streaming sports option, you may see a cricket event unfold in front of your eyes while placing a wager. You can watch and bet on cricket events like the Indian Premier League in the live sportsbook.

Statistics for Live Matches

Both real-time data from recent live events and data from past occurrences are accessible. Your chances of placing a winning wager increase when you use this tool to help you make more accurate predictions about the outcome of the game.

Esports Gambling

There are several games available in the our esports section, and you may wager on them using a variety of bet choices. In our 1Win clone script, you can watch live esports contests as well as browse all of the pre-match betting to see what other people are placing bets on.


1Win clone app

1Win clone app is a mobile application that imitates the functionalities of the original 1Win platform, facilitating the development of an online sportsbook and casino gaming platform. Our 1Win clone app can consist of games akin to those found in casinos, cryptocurrency casinos built on blockchain technology, or a hybrid of both. The procedure entails creating games, testing the website, incorporating payment options, and designing the website.


Virtual Cricket Betting and Virtual Sportsbook

Our 1Win clone script provides fast-paced, easy-to-use virtual sports betting games, such as horse racing. You may also wager on cricket virtually and quickly find out the result of a match by placing a wager.

Pre-Game Gambling

The idea of pre-match betting is to make bets prior to the start of the game. Just place your bet and select the outcome you believe will occur.

Premium Offers

A welcome bonus of 500% up to 80,400 INR is available for sports betting and is divided into four deposits. It is quite general since it can be used for both sports and casinos. 

Several Bets

Here, you are able to place several bets on various events by using various bet kinds. All estimates must be accurate, though, in order to get payment. The possibility for profit is inversely correlated with risk.


Sports Betting we offer for users 

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Biathlon
  •  Badminton
  • Motorsport
  • Handball and many more.


Types of Bets at 1Win clone script

The two primary bet kinds offered by our 1Win clone script  are the ones that Indian players utilize the most. Here are some details on them in case you'd want to know more:

Bets on one.: A bet on a single event's outcome. The bet amount multiplied by the coefficient for this outcome determines the rewards on a single wager;

Express bets: An express bet is a betting on several separate outcomes of a betting. The product of the bet amount and the coefficients of each result that makes up the express is used to determine the express winnings. The express as a whole is lost if one of the express outcomes is lost.


Why Embrace Dappsfirm For Your 1Win Clone script?

Do you want to play casino and sports betting with the best features and odds around? Accompany us in molding the game industry's future. Dappsfirm is the leading sport betting and casino game development platform utilizing blockchain technology to establish a dominant position in the gaming industry. Our committed team of experienced game developers and blockchain aficionados is passionate about changing the online gaming industry. With years of combined expertise, our team has expertly merged the power of blockchain technology with the thrill of sports betting and casino gaming to create a seamless and secure platform for players worldwide. Our innovations have ushered in gaming industries that cut across borders and have a lasting impression on gamers everywhere. We are your reliable collaborators in creating your 1Win clone script , with a team of seasoned developers  who have over ten years of blockchain experience. Is 1win Clone Script what you're after? Speak with us.

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